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World Book Day 2018~ Step Inside A Story

Undeterred by 'The Beast From The East' Suckley School children and staff made it through the snow in the most fabulous costumes inspired by our favourite author's characters- Julia Donaldson and David Walliams. We have loved this week sharing stories, books and characters.

We have also entered the World Book Day love of reading competition with a display of our ideas about books. 


Read three of Eagles class book reviews on Antigone, their class reader:


By Sophocles (version- Ali Smith)

Published – 2011: Pushkins Children’s Books

Illustrator - Laura Paoletti

Genre: Greek Tragedy

Antigone is a brilliant, strong-minded, young girl, who wants justice and will not give up. She will fight through thick and thin (so don’t get on the wrong side of her). She is a princess, who wants power but most of all she wants peace.

This Greek tragedy will have you crying, it will have you laughing but most of all - it will leave you gasping! The two main characters (Antigone and Ismene) are left with nothing after the battle in Thebes; except maybe a power-craving, blood thirsty dictator of an uncle. He is the king ……

After going through so much, the two sisters loose both their brothers in the battle of who should take the throne. Who really is the hero or the villain?

By Lilly F Year 6


Antigone must be one of the best books I have ever read. Antigone and her sister Ismene are on a mission to try and bury their dead brother Polynices, who was a traitor. But when a new ruler arrives everything changes. King Creon (the new ruler) says that anybody who tries to bury him will be stoned to death!

By Isaac G Year 5


Antigone is a wild girl, who seeks to bury her dead brother - Polynices, but her tyrannical uncle, King Creon, has declared that anybody who tries to bury him will be killed! Antigone decides to try. Will she die?

By Amber M Year 5