Suckley School

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Summer 2021

To all parents of Robins,

you would all be so proud of the effort and courage the children presented this Sports day. A huge congratulations to everyone for taking part, Robins were supportive to all the other year groups and I know the grown-ups would be so pleased with each and everyone on the children. A big round of applause to all the staff at Suckley for a well organised and successful Sports day, special thanks to Mrs Field and Mr Walker for organising the events. The day wouldn't have been the same without the efforts of The Friends of Suckley for their refreshments that kept the children feeling motivated and hydrated. A great atmosphere and a wonderful day. Well done Robins you are all winners today and always!

Sports Day!

Fin and Edward Showing what they know in coin revision.

Putting fraction knowledge to the test with some games.

Fun with Wrens at Forest School

Collecting different items from forest school and making tally charts.

Creating 3D maps outdoors lots of fun and LOTS of mess!

Working with concrete resources in maths to find a half!

Franco demonstrating his fantastic Lego modelling.

Our Castle

Still image for this video
Robins singing their song about all the castle features they have learned about this term.

Robins Banquet!

Robins have been invited to a Banquet hosted and organised by Robins themselves. They will arrive in all their finery, Lords and Ladies of Robins. They will prepare the food for their feast: seasonal vegetable soup and crusty bread. They will dine in the Great Hall and be entertained by the musical talents on 'Robiness- Our Castle.' Afterwards Robins will be invited to take to the floor for dancing!

Enjoying nature!

Robins have enjoyed having a variety of different a living things in the classroom and here are our very own 'Very Hungry Caterpillars' on their maiden voyage after their metamorphosis into Butterflies! Here they are before their release into the wild area.

Take a look at the building block castle, can you see the battlements and the towers?

Robins making equal groups.


Robins showing off fantastic Multiplication (Yr2) and Repeated Addition (Yr1) at forest school