Suckley School

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Spring 2021

Home Learning Grid Week 1

Hello Robins,
Firstly, I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas despite the restrictions, I know you have all been super stars (definitely at school!) and have made Father Christmas very proud and  of course your grown-ups. 
A very Happy New Year to you all, it is a very odd start to 2021, I wish I could see you all face-to-face this morning rather than through emails, I'm sure we will have a form of visual contact soon.
Regarding distanced learning: I will be sending you a weekly Learning Grid. This will have a variety of foundation activities for you to carry out independently and some with adult help throughout the week. Including; science, history, geography art and music etc. There will be there to help you use all of those amazing skills that you need to be super learners such as: predicting, observing, exploring, making discoveries, crafting and hopefully encourage you to want to explore further. To start off our Learning Grid I want us to research 'The Great Fire of London' diving into the Medieval times, a time far from what our lives look like now. History opens our eyes to the wonders that came before us and help us make predictions for the future.
I will be setting daily Math and English tasks. All tasks and activities will be sent, set or uploaded on or through Purple Mash. The children know their logins but a reminder can be sent if you are unsure. If you are awaiting your login they will be sent shortly.
Please continue your reading, you have all done so fantastically well to maintain such wonderful reading, if you don't manage to do any other work, please keep reading it is a gift and holds the key to magical places and ideas!
To parents, these are just a set of ideas and I hope they can help lighten the load of Home Learning, there is no obligation to carry out these tasks please do what you and your child are able to do. If you have any problems or queries please use this email to contact me and I will support you as much as possible.
Please all take good care of yourselves. I hope we can resume the fantastic learning we had at the end of December as soon as possible.
All the best,
Miss Elston