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Forest School


"The philosophy of Forest Schools is 'to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through an innovative, long term, educational approach to outdoor play and learning in a woodland environment."

Here at Suckley School we firmly believe in the benefits of outdoor learning. Every child has a learning session at Forest School once a week, and we have recently opened an after school club too. 

Forest School in action. Look at those super school waterproofs!

What the children think....


" I like making dens!" Year 6


" I like exploring the habitats - its lots of fun" Year 6


" I like cooking Marshy Mallows" Reception 


" I like having the options to do what I like to do" Year 6


" I love to play outdoors" Reception 


" Cooking is fun" KS1

¨“ I like cooking the marsh I mellows” (R)
¨“ I like the stories” (R)
¨“ I like the play outside” (R)
¨“I like exploring the habitats and its lots of fun”(6)
¨“ I like having options and choosing what you want to do” (6)
¨“Making dens” (6)