Suckley School

Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life


In Art, we were inspired by Henri Rousseau's "Surprise" painting. We created our own interpretations with a mixed media piece.

In PSHE, Mr Hickling taught us about sun safety. We used the information to create posters to go around the school.

In Maths we looked at finding fractions through the use of pizza, breadsticks and chocolate! We were very insistent that each fraction had to be equal to make sure that things were shared fairly.

In Science we used art supplies to create a representation of the butterfly life cycle.

In English, the children worked in groups to explore the language in the poems in "Rumble in the Jungle". We liked that the gorilla 'walloped' is chest and the alliteration used for the slithering snake.

We have enjoyed watching our caterpillars turn into a chrysalis and then emerge as beautiful butterflies! The empty chrysalis shells were also fascinating to look at!

We had a wonderful time at the Sea Life Centre! We loved seeing the penguins, learning about the different layers within the oceans and walking through the Ocean Tunnel!

Year 1 have been learning about days of the week and months of the year in Maths. They had to work collaboratively to order their cards before answering questions about them. Good teamwork Robins!

In DT, we have designed and made our own animal glove puppets. We stitched around the edge then used fabric glue to add additional features.

As part of our English work on "Monkey Puzzle" by Julia Donaldson, Robins created stick puppets and acted out the story. We continued this learning in our PE lesson where we thought about the different movements each animal would make and then performed the story to our friends.

In RE, we have been learning about Judaism and how Hannukah is celebrated. We even made our own potato latkes!