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Autumn 2020

Autumn 2020

We hope you had a great summer holiday and feel ready for an exciting new year.  It will seem a little different when you first come into school but you will soon become familiar with the changes that have been made to keep everyone safe.  Everyone is expected to look after each other by washing their hands frequently, remembering to keep their distance where possible and keeping to the one way systems.  
To start off the term, the whole school will be looking at an Oliver Jeffers' book about living on Planet Earth.  

What a lovely way to for us to begin a year: reading, creating poetry as well researching information about our wonderful our planet and the solar system.  In the first week, we will be exploring and creating vocabulary banks to write powerful poems and persuading others to "Save our Planet". 


We will also be looking at our spelling and working on rules and tricky words.  Spelling correctly is very important therefore we will be recapping the Y3/4 words along with really practising the Y5/6 words.  The PDFs below show the ones we will be looking at in depth this half term.  



Cosmic Disco Poetry

The beginning of creating a "Cosmic Disco" painting.

Performance Poetry - Each group interpreted the poem in a slightly different way.

Investigating the use of figurative language in Poetry.


Have you been practising your tables and number bonds so that you can remember them all without effort?  This term we will have daily skills activities to ensure instant recall.  Try out the Maths Games on Purple Mash and challenge yourself with a speed tables test on 2Simple Table Toons or Multiplication or Multiplication Monster.  
Further to this, the first unit of maths is all about place value - this is the essential building block for many aspects of Maths.  
Don't forget to have a look at the White Rose Materials  for each year group.  They provide some excellent videos that really explain concepts clearly.



Stars Gazers and Space Presenters:


Session 1 Coming up with the intergalactic goods

Session 2 Planetary scales - model the solar system

Session 3 How the solar system works

Session 4 Day and night - changing shadows

Session 5 Sundial designers & time zones detectives

Session 6 A moon month


May the Forces be with you!  Find out more about forces and how we use them:  


Session 1 Bungee-jump: gravity and balanced forces

Session 2 Rolling car ride: friction

Session 3 Parachute ride: air resistance

Session 4 Canyon ride: water resistance

Session 5 Lift an 'Elephant' ride: levers and pulleys

Session 6 Ferris wheel: gears

Investigating forces - which type of parachute has the slowest descent?

Working together to investigate a variable.

Investigating which parachute has the slowest descent.

Crepe Paper Parachute Crash Landing

Still image for this video
What forces are affecting the descent of this parachute?

Our slowest parachute!

Still image for this video
How to land on a windowsill!

Autumn observational drawing and use of water colours.


Please come to school in PE kit suitable for outdoor activities on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  


Later on in the term, we are going to be studying the Victorians and reading Street Child as our inspiration for writing. 


Keep checking your emails and the blogs for more information and don't forget to use the Purple Mash games to hone your skills.   


Active Outdoors - Archery

Leadership Skills - learning how to design a game that is fun, active and easy for others to do.