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School Council Reps


Robins have had the task of voting for their class School Council Representatives. We had to understand what is expected of the school council and decide whether it was something the individual wanted to be in with a chance of becoming.


Our Suckley School Council we take on Responsibility. 

This means: 

Looking after yourself and everyone including places and things.

Doing the right thing even when it means doing something differently to others.

Sharing - sharing the voice of the children in Robins and the rest of the school.

Respect - being kind and conscientious towards others.

Showing others super Suckley behaviours.


Each person who wanted the opportunity to become a School Council member had to write a speech to demonstrate why they would be a good School Council Member (SCM) and what assets they would bring to the role.


Year 2

Katja - "I want to help others."

Joey - "I want to help little children and help keep school tidy."

Grayson - "I want to help others" "I will get new books for the reading corner."

Max - "I will make a good School Council Member because I am a good listener."

Riley - "I want to help others and I will listen to parents and other children. I will try and share the voice of my friends." "I want to get new playtime equipment."

Alfie - "I will be a good School Council Rep because I am a good listener. I am kind to all and myself. I will make sure everyone is doing the right thing." "I want to get new equipment for playtime."

Edyn - "I want school to be a better place for other children."


Year 1

Ellie - "I want to help others so they don't get hurt."

Jessica - "I would like to get more equipment outside."

Eadie - "I will look after the people in school and try to make it  a better place, the best place ever!"

Logan - I want to help people and I love my friends."

Hetty - "I will play with Wrens and help them when they need it."

Seth - "I will look after people to be helpful."

Charlie - "I will look after my friends and help people."

Seb- "I will be a good friend."

Eli - "I love my friends. I love my school."


We discussed how the UK is a Democracy and everyone has the right to vote for what they believe in. All the children had the list of children who wanted the opportunity to be a SCM they had to vote for one person in Year 1 and one person in Year 2 as privately (anonymously) as possible in KS1.


Robins have voted and their new School Council Reps are:


Year 1 Logan and Year 2 Riley


How many are left? Year 1 playing the 'Sweetie' game!

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Year 1 - Finding a Part

Learning through Creative Continuous Resources

Robins Learning Maths Practically

Year 1 - Digit gym

Harvest Festival - Robins presenting their Autumnal themed work and celebrate the food we eat

Marvellous Maths - Year 1 working really well with the Numicon and Addition symbol

The Wild Woods - Robins worked in groups to sequence the story

Year 2 Building numbers using Tens and Ones

What can you spot down in Forest School?

Enchanted Woodlands Topic Map

Meeting Freddy Fox!


Hello parents and Carers!


Wow, here we are starting a new school year, it’s been a pleasure to officially meet the new Robins who are very excited to be in Year 1 and welcome back the much taller and lovely as ever Year 2, who have taken to their new role at Suckley School tremendously well. It’s lovely to meet all the new parents/guardians and if we have yet to meet I look forward to seeing you soon.

Firstly, I am very eager to reveal our new topic for this term – ‘Enchanted Woodland’ which I am hoping will bring as much enthusiasm and wonder as the ‘Colossal Castle’ topic did last term. We will be exploring the wonderful world around us including animals, trees, plants, the local community and much more! We have a new value to celebrate which I am sure you will agree is really important to recognise and praise –Perseverance.


Children will be given spellings on Monday and tested the following Monday. They have new spellings books which need to come back to school every Monday please.

We are really trying to focus on our reading this term and get into the habit of reading every day which we ask parents and guardians to carry this out as much as possible please. The reading record books will help us (teachers) to record comments after reading with your child so we can share with you how well they are doing and ask that they come in daily. We have started DEAR – drop everything and read – time where children reread their books lots of times to encourage them to embed their sounds, if they have then read their book at home they are welcome to change their books. We encourage children to change their books independently in the morning.

P.E will remain on Tuesdays with West Bromwich Albion continuing fundamental movement and game skills and ‘Dance in Motion’ taking over after half term. Please may children come to school in their P.E kits and winter P.E kits when they weather gets cooler.

Forest school will continue to take place on Thursday afternoons and ask that all children be sent to school in appropriate clothing with full length sleeves and full length trousers please. During wet and cold weather children will have school waterproofs to protect them from the elements.

Friday afternoon children are welcome to bring things in from home for ‘Show and Tell’ this is an opportunity for children to present in front of their peers about an item that relates to our topic (Enchanted Woodlands). We also want this to be a time to celebrate children’s accomplishments, sharing certificates, medals, trophies they have recently be awarded.

It’s going to be another excellent year; the children are ready to learn and the teachers are ready for a full year IN school! Please let me know if you have any questions or queries


From Miss Elston, Mrs Harris and Mrs Jones