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Happy new year! Please see our spring topic web and further information below. 

Spring topic web

Spring parent letter

In Our Hands

To start the spring term, we have been looking at our whole school text, ‘In Our Hands’. From this, we produced a sequence of Art work, experimenting with graphite sticks to create a grey scale before combining elements of colour. Inspiring change was a key message that we identified from the text. We used this idea to create persuasive posters to inspire a change we felt particularly passionate about. 

History: changes in the history of Suckley area and school

Our history learning has involved us exploring the history of Suckley School and its locality. We have used sources of evidence to identify the changes in the local area, ordering these chronologically on a timeline.
We deduced that there is proof that Suckley’s land is pre-historic, with evidence of Anglo Saxon and Roman settlement in the area.  

Science: How did Darwin revolutionise the way we think about the natural world?

This term in Science, we have been studying Evolution and Inheritance. Children have explored the difference between inheritance and adaptation, looked at how different species are adapted to their environments, identified and researched Darwin’s key ideas of the theory of Evolution and used secondary sources to support ideas of Evolution (through fossil records). 

Computing: Spreadsheets

In Computing, Eagles have been exploring spreadsheets. They have created spreadsheets to investigate the probability of the results of throwing many dice, calculate the discount and final prices in a sale and plan how to spend pocket money and the effect of saving money. Children have used their knowledge of percentages learnt in Maths this term to help them create and analyse formulas. 

Football Tournament at Dyson’s

We had a super afternoon of football at Dyson’s. We took 3 teams who all performed amazingly well, showing excellent teamwork, communication skills and positivity. Congratulations to our A team who finished 2nd overall. 
A review from our captain, Sam Pinnington: “I felt honoured to be chosen to be captain of Suckley A. Everyone put in effort for their mates and with some show stopping saves from Sam Lewis and goals by Edward and Fin, we managed to score second place overall”. 

The Final Year Poetry

PE: hockey and rugby

RE & Science: Debating creation and science- conflict or complementary?

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This debate concluded our RE learning to answer the big question, ‘Creation and Science- conflict or complementary? Children were able to answer key RE objectives such as suggesting the purpose of Genesis, identifying key ideas arising from Genesis and showing an understanding of why many Christians believe faith and science go together. This debate also enabled children to link their scientific knowledge of Evolution, specifically Darwin’s findings to both complement and conflict ideas of creation. All children showed the value of respect, teamwork and the ability to think on the spot during the debate, as well as using rhetorical questions and body language to convince the judge! 

Our Local Area Study: Geography Fieldwork

As part of our science and geography learning, we went on a fieldtrip to the Suckley hills. The children enjoyed analysing OS maps to describe features studied, they learnt how to use the eight points of a compass and six figure grid references to observe, measure and record the physical features in the local area. Children also investigated the hillside for limestone which showed the past landscape. We learnt that 440 millions of years ago, during the Silurian time period, the Suckley area was submerged under the Silurian Sea. 

Some special visitors!

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