Suckley School

Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life


What a special visitor we had today...bringing all of our children a special book, chosen especially for them

Using tools to make our wooden Christmas decorations

We composed our own music today- ask us about rests, quavers and crotchets

Learning what it means to be a good friend- we are really good at it in Woodpeckers

Learning Indian Playground Games

We researched different games that children play outside in India. We looked at the rules of how to play them and discussed the different language, which English games they reminded us of and why they used so little equipment. 


Kokla Amrit

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Vish Amrit

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Diva lamp making as part of our Diwali celebrations

Forest school- where rain never stops play!

Two new dinner ladies! What fantastic kindness and respect for others these two show. We are proud of them

Harvest crafting in our houses ready for the harvest festival on Friday

Harvest week! First up...The Great Suckley Soup Off. Woodpecker’s were victorious with their superfood, veg packed, autumn soup

Super Science! Working as Biologists

Woodpeckers worked as biologists today to explore and use classification keys. By applying their knowledge from prior lessons about animal classes, they were able to answer a series of questions  to reveal the names of several Indian animals. This was a great way to think hard about how we define the various classes of animals and how to use that knowledge for a specific purpose.

Terrific Topic ! Working as Geographers

Working as geographers, Woodpeckers have started learning about the various 22 (!) mountain ranges in India. We explored the ways that mountains are created and took an in-depth, practical look at the processes which built the world's highest mountains, the Himalayas. We took ourselves to the Wrens sand box, where we figuratively transported ourselves back millions of years, to a time when the sediments (which subsequently created the Himalayas) were deposited on the sea bed. We then mimicked the collision of the two tectonic plates (Indian and Eurasian) and how these converging plates would have pushed, buckled and folded all those rocks into FOLD MOUNTAINS. We reinforced this concept again in the classroom with layers of rock (towels) and showed how they fold and buckle when pushed together, creating really obvious folds in the rock. Next, we will use this to write about the process of mountain building.

Indian bangles

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Valentina was so kind as to bring in some Indian bangles for us all to try on- we loved the sparkles, bright colours and most of all we loved jangling them!

Topic Launch - Incredible India!

Practical maths- securing our understanding of place value- numbers to 10000!

What an amazing start to our djembe drum music lessons

Welcome back to forest school Woodpeckers! I think you’ve missed it!

What amazing artists we have- working in the style of Jessie Sima- author and illustrator of our whole school book Not Quite Narwhal

The new Woodpeckers are settling in quickly and exploring their new classroom environment

Welcome to the Woodpeckers of 2023/24! We are so happy to have you x