Suckley School

Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life


A special visitor!! Robins had a surprise visit from Mrs Parker and baby Roman. He was absolutely adorable giving the children lots of smiles and then he had a snooze. It was lovely to see Mrs Parker and she was so happy to see all the children.

In Maths we have been exploring Capacity. We made predictions about which container would hold the most or least and how many cups of water each container would hold.

Robins became Chocolatiers and made their own Easter chocolates. We hope you enjoyed them at home!! We used this experience to inspire some instruction writing.

The children used 2Go on Purple Mash to extend their Maths learning on position and direction.

The children have been learning about the Easter story. They sequenced the images then created their own Easter story wheel prior to writing about it in their books.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea... The children experienced their own tea party in class. They enjoyed sampling the "tea" and "cakes" and decided they wanted to extend their experience by writing down people's orders and writing a menu.

We have been learning the story of Jonah and The Whale to find out what Christians believe God is like. We sequenced the pictures from the story and then retold it using our pictures as prompts. We also made peg whales which showed Jonah inside the whale. We found out that God was forgiving. 

In honour of Paddington, we made marmalade sandwiches and then wrote our own instructions.

As part of our Geography work, Robins went on a fact hunt to find out about Peru.

In Geography we have been learning what Human and Physical features are....

Using equipment to solve sharing problems

Robins have been working hard in Maths. They have been investigating sharing as a method to solving division problems.