Suckley School

Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life

Summer 2021

This term our theme is 'Wonderful Water'. We have been busy learning about animals that live in water and the issue of plastic in our oceans. We went pond dipping in our school pond. We found lots of different insects and wildlife.

We looked after some caterpillars and watched them transform into beautiful butterflies. We really enjoyed seeing them change from day to day and loved releasing them into our school garden.

Our main job this term has been planning the beach party event. Wrens have been thinking about what we will eat and drink at the party. We did some taste testing with fruit juices to decide which flavour ice lollies to make. We really enjoyed eating our test lollies even though we had to have them inside as it was raining!


We had a fabulous time at sports day. Wrens were fantastic competitors - cheering and supporting each other.

Well done Wrens.


Wrens worked so hard this term planning and organising their Beach Party. They invited Robins class to come to the party. We all  had a fantastic time.