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Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life

Whole School

Welcome Back to the New School Year 


The children have been busy this week creating self-portraits which are on display in each of the classrooms. The smiley faces look very welcoming! 





Stay & Play

There are many different activities for the children to do during our Stay & Play after school provision. We also offer a snack and provide opportunities for both exercise and an area for quiet time. Please contact the school office for further information.


Autumn Term Whole School Book


For the first full week back this September, we are completing a whole school project based upon the Jessie Sima book 'Not Quite Narwhal'. This picture book tells the story of a young unicorn who was born under the sea to a family of narwhals. Told with heart-warming illustrations and beautiful text, this book is about fitting in, standing out and the all-encompassing love of family. It fits in perfectly with our school values and the all-inclusive ethos of our school. Each class will interpret the art and literacy in this book in different, progressive ways which we will then display in our main corridor for all to see. 




Severn Trent Water Assembly


Severn Trent Water came to visit us at Suckley School and shared their 'Hydration & Plastics' assembly with us. The assembly covered the importance of staying hydrated, how to reduce single use plastic pollution and the journey of four plastic bottles. The session was interactive, informative and above all fun, with videos, demonstrations, props, pictures and even a song!

Along with the assembly we also had an interactive workshop which 'Sewer Soup' where the children learnt about the waste water treatment process by creating fake sewage and attempting to clean it! 



Suckley Good Neighbour Scheme-Daffodil Planting.


A big thank you to Louise and Ed Webb (Webbs of Wychbold) who have given Suckley Good Neighbour Scheme 2000 little native British daffodils for planting to naturalise and spread around the Suckley verges. Suckley School were the first to get planting and were out this afternoon. Each child has had the opportunity to learn about and plant Daffodil bulbs on the bank outside our school. We are very much looking forward to them brightening our days when they bloom in the Spring!



Macmillan Charity Fundraiser


Thank you to everyone in the Suckley School community for your amazing cake donations and for your continued support towards this amazing charity. Over the two cake sales, we are pleased to confirm that the fantastic amount of £204.61 was collected for the Macmillan Charity. Thank you all again for your generosity. 


World Mental Health Day




Mental health has been celebrated across the school this week. This is an important part of our curriculum all year round and lies at the roots of all we do. Our children have been developing some great strategies on identifying their own needs and feelings and how we can help others.

You could support World Mental Health on any day of the year by playing the Kindness Bingo game! 


Harvest Week 2023


Every child this week has been actively engaged in making a class soup which was entered into our 'Great Suckley Soup Cook Off!' The conversations and team work were evident in all classrooms and the children from Class Wrens were so pleased to be given the opportunity to chop vegetables. Mrs. Winkworth looked at the texture and consistency of the soup and Mr. Walker was chief taster! Over the week all pupils have also produced some harvest craft which is now decorating our school. The children worked together in mixed aged groups and each group took a different craft focus. We also enjoyed a tractor visit from a local farmer. At the end of the week we celebrated all we had learnt about Harvest in the church with a traditional Harvest Service of thanks with singing, readings and poems which were read by the children. Finally, we donated food items to our local Food Bank in Malvern and talked about the need for Food Banks in our community and how they support others in need. The children’s inquisitive questions have developed their knowledge of important figures in our community and how they help us, especially at Harvest Time. Thank you to our parents for giving their time to come and share their working life with our children. 


Anti-Bullying Week 2023


We marked the start of Anti-Bullying Week on 13th November with Odd Socks Day . It gave us the opportunity to encourage each other to express ourselves and celebrate our individuality and uniqueness. 

There was no pressure to wear the latest fashion or to buy expensive costumes.  All we did to take part was wear odd socks to school, it couldn’t have been simpler! We felt proud to have joined over 5 million children, 1000's of parents, 100's of work places and lots of celebrities and influencers!

Can you guess who's feet these are?!

Children In Need November 2023


We had a great time raising money for Children in Need this year. We all wore spots to school and donated any spare money that we had available. We talked about the different ways in which people were raising money around the UK, the values we were showing in raising money for others in need and where the money went to.

Christmas at Suckley School 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…icy ground, nativity plays, Christmas Concerts, Christmas jumpers, Christmas dinner and a  Christmas Tree filled with Christmas Hopes! All of the children have been thinking about Christmas and what it means for each individual person, they have written their own personal hopes for next year and placed them on our Christmas tree outside, feel free to take a look. We were touched reading the hopes and many members of our local community have commented upon how selfless and caring the children have been. We also designed our own Suckley School Christmas card which we delivered to our 'neighbours'. 

Spring Term Whole School Text

Welcome back to a new term at Suckley School. Personally, one of my favourite terms, lighter mornings and evenings and the term when the children seem to flourish more than ever! 

For the first two weeks we are completing a whole school project based upon the book ‘In our Hands’.  A timeless fable‚ this debut children’s picture book from author Lucy Farfort is sure to entrance and empower in equal measure. When the world is plagued by isolation and cursed to live without colour‚ it is up to a group of determined children to grow a seed of hope that will inspire everyone to come together and build a better future. The use of colour through In Our Hands is transformative and emotive. Not only can we transfer thoughts and experiences to this wonderful picture book, but we hope it is going to inspire us too to become writers and illustrators.  Once again, I can’t wait to see what the children are going to produce.

Speak out. Stay safe.

The children have all received an assembly provided by the NSPCC, led in the first instance by Ant and Dec who they all recognised! The assembly talked about all children having rights and the following 3 rights were shared with them:

1. speak out and have their views taken seriously

2. be kept safe

3. get help when they need it

We have continued to remind the children through the week the words “We all have the right to speak out and stay safe!”. All of the children have been able to identify who their ‘safe adults are’.

“Wear it Red” Day

As in previous years, we have supported the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity again this year. We raised a fantastic £154.00 just by wearing red! We were delighted to welcome the team back to school this term with their decommissioned Helipod. The children had the chance to take the driving seat and explore the buttons, switches and dials on board, whilst learning all about the aircraft and the amazing job it does. The questioning skills, empathy and understanding shown by the children was commented upon by the team.

Rugby Tots and Chance to Shine

All the children were treated to a free ‘Rugby Tot’ session and a ‘Chance to Shine’  cricket skills session in school. The children had great fun and learnt many skills within both sessions. Both separate coaches commented upon the excellent behaviour and respect the children showed throughout the sessions.

PC Hawkins & PCSO Freeman spend the day with us…

We invited our local youth engagement police team into school to meet with the children and to speak to them about the importance of staying safe online. The children learnt very important messages whilst also ‘trialing’ the role of a PC! Poor Mr Walker was placed in handcuffs!

The buzz around world book day has already started- we really do LOVE to read at Suckley

World Book Day 2024


We had a fantastic time celebrating WBD this year. The children each had a plain white T-Shirt which they were asked to design using ideas from inspirational authors! Every child took part, every child contributed to their design and the effect was magical! We had a parade around the playground and discussed our inspirational authors in a whole school assembly. Following this the children split up into their house colours, supporting each other due to the variety of ages in the group and visited four different 'book related' workshops. It was a real success!