Suckley School

Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life


Merry Christmas from everyone in Robins! Have a wonderful time!

Robins explored shape looking at the features of 2D and 3D shapes

Year 2 Maths: Using the column method to add and subtract

Art: Pinch pots

Year 2 Maths: Adding on using a number line and adding by making ten on a number line



In English this week, Robins have learnt new ways to make their sentences even more SUPER! First, we learnt the word class ‘noun’ and Robins had to find nouns from around the class room. We know that just talking about nouns is a bit boring so to make our sentences exciting for the reader we learnt about adjectives and how we can use them to expand nouns! Our story ‘The Cold, Dark Night’ we follow Ned on a journey to find his winter home. The trouble is, the sentences in the story are a bit… BORING! So the Robins knew how they could make the story MUCH better, using expanded nouns! Now, we have rewritten the story using our amazing expanded nouns, have a look at the super sentences! 

PE: Robins are using throwing and catching skills.

Wow look at the beans go! As part of our science topic we are investigating what living things need to grow.

History: The Gun Powder Plot


Robins engaged well with out delve into the slimy stuarts! We learned a lot about Guy Fawkes, Robert Catesby and the silly plan to blow up the Houses of Parliment in 1605. Thankfully they weren't successful to King James 1 delight, he was so happy he survived the Gun Powder Plot and Guy Fawkes was.... terminated, that he decided to throw a party, every year on the 5th of November! Many people still follow this tradition over 400years later!

Harvest Week Activities

Art: Printing


Robins used leaves to make printing pattern paintings. Robins could see the veins in the leaves and found it fascinating to know this is how nutrients travel from the roots all the way to the tips of the leaves. Robins used these printing patterns to draw their own leaf shapes into polystyrene which they used as a stamp to make an Autumn leaf printing picture.

Science: Living things! The beans have been planted 20th October 2023 Lets seen how well they grow

Maths: Year 1 Adding 1 more and finding 1 less

Robins amazing story of Kelp

Maths: Year 2 demonstrating how to use comparison symbols.

Science: Leaf investigation! Robins used their skills from our lessons to find waxy leaves from Evergreen trees and brown leaves from Deciduous tress.

Wherever the wind blows a leaf man must go! Robins had a blast bringing their leaf people to life.

Awesome ordering, Year 1 show off their numicon skills and number ordering.

Super Spanish! Robins learning their Spanish vowels.

Falling Leaves Dance


Robins used their bodies to tell the story of 'Falling Leaves'. They became the leaves and the audience were taken on a magical journey. Starting on the tree, the leaves began to shake on the tree. Suddenly it was swept up into the sky by a strong wind, landing in a stream. Robins had to travel on pads across the floor 'along the river.' Oh no a swirly wirly waterfall, Robins had to travel using their knees and pads to show the leaf falling down the waterfall. The leaves settle on a lake but not for long because a gust of wind launches them into the sky, they fall, down, down down. The leaf lands on the ground and dries in the late autumn sun, the edges of the leaves curl and crisp. Along comes Mr Worm, munch, munch, munch GOBBLES up the leaf.

Year 2 building 2-digit numbers using a place value grid, nice work Robins!

Year 1 showing off their maths skills by counting objects.

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Robins it is a delight to be welcoming you back this term, I am Mrs Parker and I will hopefully get around to chatting to everyone throughout the coming weeks. I work Mondays – Wednesday, and Fridays with Mrs Harris on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday, Miss Stevens Thursdays and Fridays and Miss Rogers will be looking after Robins on Thursdays and Friday afternoons. I am so excited to be teaching your children, together we will become fantastic historians, super scientists, creative geniuses, magic mathematicians and literacy legends as well as establishing excellent Suckley behaviours. We will be exploring the topic “Sensational Seasons” to help us make discoveries and motivate our reading and writing. Our value this term is “Kindness” one which we can all agree is an essential part of being human and one which we see a lot at Suckley School – we will fill that marble jar in no time!


A new school year brings new routines. We will be starting spellings in October to give children a chance to settle into their new class, new spellings will be handed out on Monday and previous spellings will be checked on a Monday. Children have a spelling book which will need to be brought into school every Monday please.

Thursday will be KS1 forest school session in the afternoon with Miss Rogers. Please send children in appropriate clothes: long sleeves and full-length bottoms. We have been known to get rather messy at forest school, therefore, old clothes if possible are best. They will always wear wellies to forest school regardless of weather, please check your children’s wellies still fit from last year, we do have spares however sizing can be difficult to match perfectly.

P.E will now be held on Monday afternoon; however, we may require P.E kits for impromptu P.E lessons throughout the week if that’s where our learning takes us so if P.E kits go home please bring them back for Monday’s lesson or leave them at school if you prefer.

On Friday, two children will be chosen to take home the ‘All about Marvellous Me’ box and the ‘Story Suitcase’. ‘The Marvellous Me box’ will be a chance for an individual to talk about things that are important to them and share this with the class. They have the opportunity to show and talk all about their chosen items in the box. It is a great way for a person to exercise speaking skills and a chance for their friends to get to know them better. The ‘Story Suitcase’ is an exciting opportunity given to children who have shown consistent reading at home or shown excellent perseverance and resilience towards their reading or maybe a little incentive to help motivate their reading at home. They will be given a book chosen for them to enjoy at home with hot chocolate, blanket and torch to encourage excitement about reading. This suitcase will then be returned to school on Monday. If possible, children can take a picture of their chosen reading spot (maybe a den they have made) and write a book review. Stories can be read by the child or their adult.

Reading record books will be used by the teaching staff in Robins to give feedback about your child’s reading. Hopefully, this will give you a good insight into how well they are doing and next steps for their reading journey. Therefore, it is really helpful if Reading Record books can come to school every day, of course sometimes they get forgotten but as often as you can please, that would be great. Reading daily with your child has endless benefits and is a great way for them to show you their amazing progress! Children have a few more responsibilities in Robins, this includes, changing their home story after they have read the story 3 times (this encourages reading fluency) and can explain the story to an adult. They have the responsibility to collect their story and reading record book from the ‘RB box (reading record box)’.

At end of day pick up, please come as close to Robins back door as possible. This is the door leading out to the decking and on to the Astro turf. I like to see each child go to their parent/carer which can be difficult if parents are far away and children race off. This is for the safety of the children and to stop me becoming a nervous wreck! Thank you for understanding.

I can’t wait to get to know you all and get to know the children even better, I am looking forward to another super year in Robins,

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, you can catch me at the end of the day or email the office and they will ensure I get the message.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Parker and the BIG Robins team!