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What does our curriculum look like?

Each new theme of curriculum is chosen with the children's interests and views in mind, and is carefully chosen by the teacher with the class needs at the forefront. Sometimes a theme will run across the whole school, such at designing, creating and running  The Rio Carnival 2016, at others it is a class theme. 

Once a theme has been created, we then spend time creating the curriculum 'hook' with the children. This hook becomes the key motivator for them and pulls them through a memorable unit of work with a clear end event or product to aim for.

Children are immersed in a range of learning scenarios; have regular opportunities to meet 'real life ' practitioners and take part in leading  and making important decisions. There is a  child-centred approach from start to finish.


Here is a flavour of the themes that we are developing:

  Autumn 2014 Spring 2015 Summer 2015 Autumn 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 16
Wrens:  Fairy Tale Ball Farmers Market  Safari Chocolate Dinosaurs Rio
Robins Suckley Park Project The Vikings are Coming! Safari So You Want To be An Explorer? SuckleyTV or
Woodpeckers  Learning in the 21st Century Jamies' Kitchen garden  Lion King What Did The Romans Do For Us? Bang Goes The Theory Suckley?
Eagles Gravity Racers America Lion King Fit For 15 WW2  




*Please note that we are currently working on planning in conjunction with the New National Curriculum 14, so themes are developing.