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Meet the staff

Picture 1 Mrs Marshall- Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Hall- SLT, SENDCo, Classteacher Robins
Picture 3 Miss Rogers- SLT, Class teacher Robins
Picture 4 Mrs Dixon - Class Teacher Eagles
Picture 5 Mrs Bradford - Class Teacher Woodpeckers
Picture 6 Miss Jones- Classteacher Wrens
Picture 7 Mrs Byrne - Classteacher Wrens
Picture 8 Miss Bourne - Teacher ( PPA Cover)
Picture 9 Mrs Harris- Teaching Assistant Robins and Thrive
Picture 10 Mrs Butler- Teaching Assistant Woodpeckers
Picture 11 Mrs Pinnington - Teaching Assistant
Picture 12 Mr Walker- Teaching Assistant, PE and Thrive
Picture 13 Mrs Griffin- Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs Tomlinson- School Business Manager
Picture 15 Mrs Winkworth- Secretary
Picture 16 Mrs Phillpots - Caretaker & Cleaner
Picture 17 Mrs Jones and Mrs Ward- Lunchtime Team
Picture 18 Miss Clements and Mrs Chance- Lunchtime Team
Picture 1 Mrs Cole and Mrs O'Neill - Lunchtime Supervisors

Peripatetic Music Teachers:


Violin: Mr Arthur Bancroft

Guitar: Mr Brian Hogard

Piano and Woodwind: Miss Hannah Webb