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Be kind to yourself and others

Be kind to yourself and others 1

Suggested tasks for Wednesday:


Spread a bit of kindness – make a compliment about someone today or send them a cheerful message.


Check 2Dos on Purple Mash (Reading, Writing and Maths)


Practise your spellings by writing each one in large letters on a piece of paper.  Cut each spelling up into individual letters.  Mix up the letters and them in a pile.  Once you have all the spellings in piles, start a timer and see how long it takes you to put them back in the right order.


Write a letter to a friend telling them about what you have been doing or write an email and send pictures of creations to Mrs Cullerne. 


Take an exercise break – create a wolf chasing Red Riding Hood dance to fast music.


Practise your tables (Purple Mash)

Rounding (Purple Mash)


Help make lunch and tidy up afterwards


Read for at least half an hour. 

Look at today's  Pobble 365

Create a pop-up card for a friend or family member. 


Choose a task from your pack.


Up cycling paper

Up cycling paper 1
Up cycling paper 2
Up cycling paper 3
Up cycling paper 4
Up cycling paper 5
Up cycling paper 6

Reading Purple Mash - A Bridge on Fire Chapter 3

SPaG related to Reading on Purple Mash