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Tuesday, 31st March 2020
After the shout out national applause for NHS/care workers, our team decided to set a whole school activity for this week! The challenge is to design a thank flower/ bunch of flowers for the key workers, which may or may not incorporate the rainbow which is also an emblem being used. It can be carried out in any medium, then photographed  or sent to the FB page or to our emails so that we can uplift our web page with them! 
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Suggested tasks:

Be proactive

Spread a bit of kindness – make sure your room and the bathroom are tidy before breakfast.



Discuss what you are going to do today over breakfast. 


Morning check in to look at English and Maths Tasks

Check 2Dos on Purple Mash

English: A Bridge on Fire - Chapter 7 and spelling consolidation and book review. 

Maths: Speed Test x 8 and Number Sequences Revision


Reading - final part of 'A Bridge on Fire."

Reading - final part of 'A Bridge on Fire."  1
Reading - final part of 'A Bridge on Fire."  2


Spelling and Spag

Get someone to test you this week’s revision of Spring 2 spellings.  If you get some wrong, practise the correct spelling.  Quiz on Purple Mash.  



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Practise your grammar and writing skills.

Write a book review about "A Bridge on Fire"  or your own choice of book. 

Time to exercise

Create and modify a dance to your favourite music using the theme ‘animals’. 


For example: You could be a cat looking after her kittens or the cat in ' Way Home' or a cat similar to one in Cats - a famous musical.  


Watch a video clip of “Cats” and become a cat.   (Cats is a sung-through musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber based on the 1939 poetry collection Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot.)


Put on your favourite music and dance like an animal for 10 minutes. 

Offer family rewards for joining in.  (Keep a camera handy to capture someone smiling!)   

Take a break and drink some water.

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Picture 2


Practise your tables x8  (Purple Mash)

Powers of 10 revision (Purple Mash)

Numer Lines - placing numbers above and below zero (Purple Mash)

Play a maths game

Lunch time

Help make lunch.  Tidy up afterwards





Read for at least half an hour.  Talk about the plot or them with someone, act as if you were the character in the text or write a summary of your thoughts about the book.    


What have you been reading?  Make a recommendation and share photos, videos, illustrations and book reviews via Purple Mash or school email.  ( or )


Look at Pobble:


Picture 1


Take a break and do something physical. 

Creative opportunities

Choose a task from your pack or the home learning project or the learning project for the week.  For example:  Find out more about the Easter Story.  Make a ‘palm’ cross or design a moss garden with the stone rolled away from the tomb.


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Picture 3
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Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Features of a Diary

Features of a Diary 1

Write an imaginative diary

Write an imaginative diary 1
Write an imaginative diary 2
Write an imaginative diary 3
Write an imaginative diary 4
Write an imaginative diary 5
Write an imaginative diary 6
Write an imaginative diary 7
Write an imaginative diary 8

Suggested tasks for Tuesday:


Plan an act of kindness for someone in the house such as writing them a special message or tidying up for them.


Check 2Dos on Purple Mash.

Grammar - relative clauses


Practise your spellings and find out the definitions. 


Write brief diary.

Twist the Text - Little Red Riding Hood: Write instructions for the wolf about how to dress up and imitate Granny.

Remember to include a list of items that he will need.  


Take an exercise break.


Practise your tables (Purple Mash).

Rounding to estimate.


Help make lunch and tidy up afterwards.


Read for at least half an hour.  Retell the part of the book to yourself or a teddy.

Choose a task from your pack.

Go outside. 

Look for changes that indicate spring growth.

Take pictures or sketch.  Gather items such as twigs, pebbles, leaves and create an animal out of them.  For example: a hedgehog or a snail.

Record your findings in your book.  

Create an image