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Thriving at Suckley


We believe that our curriculum is designed to build children's social and emotional resilience so that they can engage successfully in their learning and gain skills for future success.

To support this our staff are trained to use Thrive, a program which uses brain science to understand how pathways are built, and how they can be, for what ever reason interrupted. Through the program staff deliver simple and effective strategies and activities within class curriculum.

Where children need additional support these strategies are delivered in a one to one regular sessions, individualised to the child and discussed with the child's family. with repetition these activities can increase the child's self worth, develop their capacity to make sense of their world and enable them to take responsibility for their feelings, emotions  and behaviour.  

To learn more about this innovative approach to learning and brain development follow the link below or ask one of the Suckley staff!


Thrive powerpoint

What do Suckley children think about Thrive...?