Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week 11

6th July 2020

Your theme this week is a lesson with Oak Academy about Changes. You will be reading about a Koala.


Week 10

29th June 2020


You will be following Oak Academy for your theme too...

Week 9

22nd June 2020


"Zog" by Julia Donaldson


Can you design and make your own Dragon... here is an idea but you can of course make your own !!

Can you make a rosette for Zog too for being so helpful.


Week 8

15th June 2020


For maths this week we are designing our own castles. Can you have a go at making this castle and knight, using the templates and split pins if you have them. If not you can just cut and stick them.Then see if you can colour and read the word cards.

Week 7

8th June 2020

Today's theme challenge

Summer Term

Week 6 1st June 2020

How are you getting on with your stick challenges? Any more brilliant ideas to tell me about?
If you are not able to watch the video, can you  write a sentence about something funny a dinosaur could do that is a little bit silly . Then write a sentence about how he could make a better choice! Can you draw a picture of your dinosaur too!!



















Summer Term

Week 5 

18th May 2020

As it is the last week of this half term I thought it might be fun to set a challenge for the week. 

We will call it 101 things to do with a stick. It is a challenge some schools have been setting for their children. 


There is a list of different ideas for you to pick one a day or even 2!! Or... you can think of your own ideas!! 

I have been collecting sticks in my garden this weekend and am making signs for the classroom with them. I will take a photo and show you tomorrow!! 

When you have completed a challenge, see if you can write a simple sentence telling us what challenge you completed. A photo would be fantastic too !!


Have a great day Wrens!! 

Grayson went on a walk to collect sticks and has started his stick challenge already!

Grayson digging with his stick!

Alfie has found that you can use walking sticks and a dog lead as a skipping rope!! Fantastic!!

Summer Term

Week Four (11.05.20)

We are going to go on a safari!


But first we need to investigate what animals we might meet.


This week we want you to make a fact file.  Can you find out about Meerkats and another African animal of your choice?


I have added a simple fact file template below. But you are welcome to draw out your own – if you want to.


Find some pictures – or draw your animals and find some simple facts about each one.




Week 3

4th May 2020

VE Day

On Friday 8th May it is the 75th Anniversary of Victory Over Europe, when the nation will join together to commemorate the service and sacrifice of the WWII generation , then and now. We want you and your families to explore VE Day together and help us show our thanks to this inspiring generation. 


We have made a link with a Royal British Legion care home called Galanos House which is in Warwickshire. It offers nursing care and day care for the Armed Forces community and their families. As part of the VE Day celebrations, we thought it would be lovely if the children could write a letter and post it to the residents at the care home to thank them for making our world a safer and better place. It could include a picture of themselves and tell the residents a little bit about themselves to cheer them up in Lockdown.


The address to sent the letters to is:

The Residents

C/O Denise Goodwin

Galanos House

Banbury Road


CV47 2BL



You could use this paper to write your letter or make your own.

You could even make them a Spitfire paper plane and one for yourself!

A very big well done and thank you to Alfie who has written his letter for the Veterans at Galanos House Care Home. 


























Week 2

27th April 2020

Last week lots of you have worked very hard on things to go in your Time Capsule for the Whole School project.

I hope you have found or made something waterproof for your capsule!! Send in pictures if you have ! You should all now have a Good Luck Stone (Nazar), with a label and your name and the date. A list of things you have done in lockdown that you have never done before. A picture of you, your house and your family, including all their names.


Next...can you write a letter to put in the capsule, explaining why you are staying at home and what you miss most of all. What do you think is the first thing you will want to do when lockdown is lifted? 


I will look forward to reading your letters. 







Look at Franco's wonderful things for his Time Capsule!

Week 1

20th April 2020

As part of a whole school Topic for this week Mrs Marshall would like us all to begin to make a Time Capsule which you will all bury in your gardens. It is going to need to be a waterproof container as we want it to last for many years. It will mark this time when school was closed and you all learn at home. 


For your first task for the time capsule can you make a Nazar. This is a good luck symbol and will send good luck to the person who finds your time capsule.


 Go and find a small stone in your garden and see if you can paint one of these. 


When you have done this, make a label to go inside with your name on it , your age and the date on one side. On the other side tell them it is a Good Luck Nazar.


This is the start of your time capsule.

Grayson and his sister have loved making their good luck charm for their Time capsule!

What a great job!

Archie made his Nazar good luck charm and left it to dry in the sun. Look at the careful painting and printing. Well done Archie!

Max's Nazar.

Grayson wrote a letter to go with his Nazar in the Time Capsule.