Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week Eleven (10.07.20)

Today we are making a fabulous summer crown.

Week Ten (03.07.20)

Today we are doing some art! Have a go at colour mixing and see what happens when water is added.

Week Nine (26.06.20)

Continue with the topic activity on Wednesday’s topic page.

Week Eight (19.06.20)

Today for topic we will create our own moon and star decoration and learn more about how Muslims celebrate Eid.


Look at the link below.


If you haven’t done any of the previous theme lessons this week - you are very welcome to pick whichever you prefer.


Have a safe weekend.

Week Seven (12.06.20)


Today we are making a fun junk model of a sea creature… you will need a toilet roll tube, some paper and paint or felt tips.


I would love to see photos of any finished artworks this week.


Have a restful weekend everyone.

Week Six (05.06.20)

Have a go at some printing artwork today, using some potatoes. This lesson also looks at how plants grow – so a little bit of science too!


If you haven’t finished the theme work from previous days – please feel free to pick whichever one you prefer most.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Week Five (22.05.20)

Friday is play day! I hope you can all get outside and have some outdoor fun! Try to think of a stick game that you could play. You could even invent your own.


I have added a link to the Woodland Trust - for additional ‘stick challenge’ related inspiration

Week 4 (15.5.20)


If you have finished your sentences from Yesterday about your animals perhaps you could make your own meerkat to go with this story. You could paint it, junk model, collage, print...whatever you would like.


I look forward to seeing your pictures.



Week Two (01.05.20)

Normally on a Friday I want you to go outside be active and have a play, but the weather has not been very nice this week, so you might want an inside activity instead! 


Next Friday is VE day, and as a school we have been challenged to make bunting and take a 5 second video of us holding it!


Can you do it?


You need to design a bunting flag. I have added the template below. Get a grown up to film you and get them to send that video to Mrs Boyle.


I look forward to seeing you in our school video.


Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe.

Week One ( 24.04.20)

I have heard that this week Wrens have been enjoying the glorious weather. Playing in the garden, trampolining and bike riding. You are a very active bunch!


I want you to go outside and like Supertato become a superhero!  Could you ride a bike, or scoot around on a scooter, can you run fast or play a superhero game with your family. What is your superpower?


Be active. Have fun.


Have a great weekend. Stay safe.