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Summer Term

Week Eleven (09.07.20)


Today we look at different parts of a flower. Have a look at the link below.

Week Ten (02.07.20)

To continue our floating and sinking topic. Today’s task is to build a boat that floats! What could you use to build your boat? Would a cardboard box work? Why not?


Look at the link below.

Week Nine (25.06.20)

Continue with the topic activity on Wednesday’s topic page.

Week Eight (18.06.20)

In today's lesson, we will be learning that a Mosque is the place of worship for people of the Muslim faith. We will use a variety of junk modelling materials to create a representation of a Mosque.


You will need sone craft materials for this activity. Have a look at the link below.

Week Seven (11.06.20)

Today you can choose to build an underwater cave – following the link below or complete some sea creature colouring.


If you didn’t finish the topic work from yesterday, you are welcome to have a go at that instead if you would prefer.


For this creation challenge – you are going to need an empty cereal box, scissors, tape and paint.

Week Six (04.06.20)

Today you can continue with your mosaic work from yesterday or you can have a go at building a bean stalk. You will need some tubes and other crafting materials for this.


Follow the link below to look at the video and try the activity.



Week Five (21.05.20)

See theme challenge on Monday's page.

Week Four (14.5.20)


Have you written fact files using the templates from the beginning of the week? If you have, can you find out some facts about the animals in the colouring pictures from yesterday and write a sentence to go with each picture. 

Week Three (07.05.20)

I hope you have managed to write your letter to the care home. I think the residents will really enjoy reading them.


If you have finished have a go at making a spitfire plane. You could fold a piece of paper, make a junk model or use the colour in template below.


Send photos of what you create.

Week Two (30.04.20)
Please see topic work on Wednesday.
Week One (23.04.20)

See topic activities from beginning of this week and those on Mrs Marshalls page relating to making a time capsule.