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Summer Term

Week Eleven (08.07.20)

Today we have a fun lesson about the seasons, and we get to create some lovely art work.

Week Ten (01.07.20)


Today in our theme lesson we are doing a floating and sinking experiment. Have fun!


Week Nine (24.06.20)

This task is for the rest of the week.


Can you make Zog and the Princess a medical kit?


Can you find a box to fill with things that they might need?


Make them some bandages or wipes - maybe you could do this out of paper?


Or could you make a stethoscope or a thermometer out of card?


When you have made you medical kit – can you pretend to be princess and Zog and help people. Perhaps your teddies and toys are not feeling well, and you can help them feel better?

Week Eight (17.06.20)

In today's lesson we will be learning more about how Muslims celebrate Eid and we will create our own Mehndi patterns.


Look at the link below.

Week Seven (10.06.20)

Today for our topic we go under the sea – to see what creatures we can find and to try to move like the them!


I have added a fun read and colour sea creatures activity too. Show your grownups how well you can read.

Week Six (03.06.20)

Todays theme task is to make a piece of artwork! This is such a fun task. I know that Wrens class are experts at arts and crafts, and I think you are going to enjoy this. You will need to collect some items to make a collage out of – this could be food items like pasta (as is suggested in the video) or outdoor items such as leaves, twigs or grass.


Have fun and let us see what you create.

Week Five (20.05.20)

Continue with your things to do with a stick challenge.


This week I have tried to use some sticks to build a barrier to stop my chickens eating some seeds on my veggie patch – it didn’t work because the chickens got through! I need to work on my building skills.


What have you your done with your stick? Have you built anything?

Week Four (13.05.20)

Please continue with your African animal fact file - Please see Monday's Theme page for more detail.


If you want to add some other pictures, I have put some animal colouring sheets below!

Week Three (06.05.20)

This week we celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day. I know lots of you have been making amazing bunting for our whole school video project to celebrate this event.


At the beginning of the week Mrs Bryne set this week’s whole school project of writing to the veterans at a care home to thank them, to check to see that they are ok during lockdown and to share with them some of the things we are doing in school. You could tell them all about our bunting project!


We would like you to carry on with this work for the remainder of the week.


Please let us see photos of your letters before you send them. The address is on Monday’s theme page.

Week Two (29.04.20)

Can you record how big your hands and feet are in 2020! This is to go into your time capsule.


You can do this by making hand and footprints with paint or making salt dough to press your hands and feet into. You could of course carefully draw around your hands and feet with a pencil and colour them in. Ask an adult for help if you need it. Maybe you could ask other members of your family to record their hands and feet too!


I have added a link to a recipe for salt dough below.

Week One (22.04.20)


For your time capsule can you draw a picture of your house and all the members of your family you are at home with?


Don’t forget to add your pets!


Can you write down the names of all the people or animals that are in your house – to go along with your picture.


You could add colour with pencil crayons or paint.