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6th July 


As part of our summer sports mini topic this activity involves researching a sportsman or woman. The information is for the fact file attached.  

29th June 


This is a time to reflect on the past year.  In the box that asks you to write about a school trip , this will need to be about a visitor we had or another special memory.  

Science - 22nd June 


See the attached investigation.  You must ask an adult for a house plant for this! Do not just take the house plants!  Also there is some cutting involved of a plastic bottle so ask an adult to help you. 

Week beginning 15th June 2020  


The world is home to more than 7 billion people, all special and unique in their own way.  This week you are going to learn about the people who live in the rainforest.  Use the slides to learn about the tribes of the rainforest and then use the template to create a fact file showing what you have learned! Maybe you could paint for draw portraits to go with your factfile?

8th June 2020- Falcon 9 Rocket Launch 


1st June Science 


A rainforest gets lots of rain - over 200 inches a year! Some can even get as much as 400 inches! It is always warm in the rainforest too. Most of the time the temperature is about 90 o F. 

Some people think that jungles and rainforests are the same, but they aren't.  A rainforest is covered by tall trees. The tall trees let the sun in, but at the same time, keep the ground and smaller trees underneath moist and warm. This is called the canopy. A jungle does not have a cover of trees on top.  It is open to the sunshine and is not as humid as the rainforest.  


Can you research plants and trees which grow in a rainforest and those that might grow in a jungle. Make a note of these... you will find some incredible facts about rainforest plants and trees! For more challenge compare to those that grow in a jungle. 




Week beginning 1st June 2020


Rainforest climates!  Have a look through the powerpoint and do your own research into what the climate is in like in the rainforest.  Your challenge is then to design a poster showing the water cycle in the rainforest.  See if you can include these key words: condensation, transpiration, rainfall, heat, water vapour, clouds, evaporation. 


I have added some images for some inspiration! Can't wait to see them!