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Summer Term

Week 11

7th July 2020

Today you will be learning about the seasons...

Week 10

30th June 2020


Your theme today is also following Oak Academy.

Week 9

23rd June 2020

Saturday 20th June was Summer Solstice which is the longest day of the year. Here is a Summer Plants and Flowers Hunt sheet for you to enjoy. A summer celebration happens every year at Stonehenge, a circle of standing stones. People meet at the stones to watch the sunrise. People used to think that the sun was standing still in the sky at this time of year because it appears to stay in the sky all day! The word "sol" means sun in Latin. 


Happy hunting!!

plants and flowers hunt

Summer Activity Booklet if you want a little extra!












Week 8

16th June 2020

This week your theme is linked to your English engineer learning.


As an extra for theme you are going to be learning about celebrations and how different people celebrate . 


Then you are going to draw a picture of something you celebrate.

Week 7

9th June 2020

In this lesson today you are going to be thinking about creatures that live under the sea. 

Summer Term 

Week 6 2nd June 2020

This week as part of the Oak Academy learning you are going to be learning about Growing.

You are going to look at similarities, differences and change and read the story "Jaspers Beanstalk".


















Summer Term

Week 5 19th May 2020

This week is stick challenge week!! Hope you're having fun with thinking of crazy stick activities or having a go at some on the list!!

Go back to Monday Theme folder to look at the stick challenge and to look at some of the ideas so far!! Send in your pictures!!


We are also looking at mini beasts this week so I am including a mini beasts information powerpoint and activity if you would like to have a go!! 

Summer Term

Week Four (12.05.20)


Please continue to work on your fact file about African animals. See Monday's Theme page.

Week 3

5th May 2020

Happy Tuesday Wrens. As you all know it is VE Day on Friday, please will you have a look at Monday's Theme folder for your VE Day task this week. 


I look forward to seeing your letters. Alfie has written his letter already and posted it! Have a look at his in Monday theme or in the Celebration folder. 

Week 2

28th April 2020

Morning Wrens!! 

Happy Tuesday!! 

Hope your getting on well with your time capsules. Take a look at Monday Theme to see what you need to put in your Time Capsule next...


Week 1

21st April 2020

Time Capsule week...


First of all, have you made your good luck charm from yesterday to put in your time capsule? I know Grayson has. Have a look in yesterdays folder to see what his looks like.



Todays task for your time capsule is to write a list of things you have done in lockdown that you hadn't done before. Take pictures, draw pictures and maybe get your grown ups to help you with the writing!! I bet its the first time your grownups have been your teachers... maybe tell us what its been like!!


I will look forward to putting some of your writing on the website for all to see!!