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Spring Term

Saving the seas

By Florence Y3

Entry for 500 words competition

Hani woke to the sound of waves rolling up the beach and the leaves of palm trees swaying in the gentle morning breeze. As he looked out of his hut he saw the crystal clear teal ocean, the gentle lapping waves stroking the sparkling stretch of sand. Hani’s body filled with joy as he looked at this beloved canoe resting on the pure white sand of his beach.

Running towards his canoe, he grabbed his throwing net and pushed the boat out upon the calm water. As he paddled out to the depths of the ocean to find marlin and wahoo fish, the sun shone over his tanned skin.

Hani threw out his net expecting to catch the usual amount of fish and was delighted to feel the heaviness of his net as he heaved it into the canoe. A confused look appeared on Hani’s face as he found out it was not just fish in his net but also plastic and netting tied round the fish. Although he had seen plastic litter before, it surprised him seeing this much in one catch. Before now Hani had always just thrown the litter back in the sea, but goose bumps started to appear all over his skin even though he felt warm, he realised throwing it back would not help the issue. He made a decision straight away to make a difference and save the seas.

Strong and determined, he threw back the fish and started to gather the litter that was destroying the ocean he loved. As the sun went down, litter started to fall over the edges of the canoe. Drained, Hani dragged and dragged the canoe into shore. Now what do I do with this? Hani asked himself. Looking for somewhere to hide the ugly litter he walked up the sand to where the mountains meet the beach. There he came across an entrance to a dark, well hidden cave. Hani was very grateful to have found somewhere to hide all of the rubbish so it would not pollute the beautiful beach.

Day after day Hani would go out and catch as much litter as possible. Luckily he caught enough fish to live on. As he hid the dreadful litter, Hani wondered where it came from because he was barely the only person on his island, and he never used plastic straws or cola cans and stuff like that!

After many weeks Hani’s cave became full so the litter was erupting out on to the beautiful island. Sadly sitting down on the beach Hani realised he would never be able to save the seas on his own. As he looked out at the precious ocean, he wept as though his heart would break.


What a world!

This term Woodpeckers are super excited to become explorers and learn all about Sir David Attenborough and his work on Dynasties!


We will be exploring animals including humans in science and writing a 'This is your life' about the man himself!

The children are raring to go and can not wait to learn and discover more about this fascinating man!


As last term Spellings will be sent home on a Monday and will be tested the following Monday.

A spelling quiz will be set to help aid in class work and learning.



This will vary from Purple Mash Math or a worksheet in the green homework books



Artists at work - William Morris, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Vivienne Westwood


The Race to the Top of the World! It comes around once in a lifetime, and the prize? Your heart's desire. Shen and Sika can't resist the chance to win, but competition is fierce. The path to victory is littered with snow trolls, sea monsters, and a gang of particularly hungry yetis. But Shen and Sika have something the other contestants don't have. Actually, they have 66 other things; pugs to be exact. That's a 264 paw-powered sled. Let the race begin!


Woodpeckers are already raring to join the race and after reading the first chapter and learning some of the Pug's names (Little Foo and Steve to name a few) they can not wait to join the adventure!


We will be using this text to produce high quality work such as a diary entry and even a non fiction pug file!

Science - Habitats and Ecosystems

In science we have begun to learn about habitats and ecosystems and how we as humans effect both! Since we are looking at David Attenborough, an excellent man to learn from about the effects we have on nature, we are looking at the wider world and how we can help change attitudes and the lives of both animals and creatures around us!