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Summer Term

Week 11

7th July 2020

Today you will be revising the sounds y,z,qu and ch.

Week 10

30th June 2020

Today's sound is ...


Week 9

23rd June 2020

Todays phoneme is: "ow"













Week 8

16th June 2020


Today we are revising the short "oo" phoneme. How many words can you think of with the digraph in them? Can you make a list? 



Week 7

9th June 2020

Today we are revising the "ee" digraph. can you make some more word cards. Can you see if you can make your grown ups sound talk the words you have written and see if they can blend the phonemes to read your words.

Summer Term

Week 6 2nd June 2020


We are going to continue to revise phase 3 Letters and Sounds to make sure that you know your phonemes inside out ready for Year 1.



















Summer Term

Week 5 19th May 2020

Morning lovely Wrens, happy phonics today!! Wow your grown ups with your digraphs and trigraphs today. You are going to be, th, ng, aide,igh and oa. 


So many phonemes but you can do it!! 

Grayson chose the movie "A Goat In A Raincoat" and drew his goat wearing a blue raincoat, holding an umbrella and jumping in puddles!! Love it!!

Summer Term

Week Four (12.05.20)

Today in phonics we are continuing to recap the sounds j, v, w and x. We are also going to practice writing these sounds in very simple words.


See the PowerPoint below and have a try at the writing activity.


Week 3

5th May 2020

Trigraph revision:air, ear,igh,ure. These are very tricky but I know you can do it !




















Week 2

28th April 2020

Here is the next days Phonics lesson for you. If you are finding these too much then just pick out certain games to play and perhaps see if you can find objects around your house with the phoneme in them. Maybe you could even make up a list of your own words, some real and some nonsense for todays phonemes. 




















Week 1

21st April 2020

Hope you enjoyed yesterdays task and I'm pretty sure you will still have lots to do from yesterday!


Here is a Powerpoint lesson for revising your Phase 3 letters and Sounds and a reading and writing task to complete.

There is no need to print these off, you can read the book on the computer and write your own book.