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Summer Term

Week 11

6th July 2020

Today you will be revising j,v,w,x

Week 10

29th June 2020

Monday's phoneme is...


Week 9

22nd June 2020


Todays phoneme is "ur"

Week 8

15th June 2020


For phonics today you are going to revise the long "oo" sound. Can you think of your own real and nonsense words with the "oo" digraph?


Week 7

8th June 2020

For phonics today we are revising the "ai" digraph. Can you make your own word cards with pictures of objects with the "ai" phoneme in them?

Summer Term Week 6

1st June 2020

See if you can have a go at reading these words, then instead of printing them can you write your own word cards and sort them into real and nonsense words.

Now see if you can make up some of your own words using the same phonemes!

Summer Term Week 5

18th May 2020

Today in phonics we are recapping the phonemes- y, z, zz, qu, and ch

Can you sort the words on the tickets not real and nonsense words. Why not write your own instead of printing them out ?

Look at Max's words...

Summer Term

Week Four (11.05.20)

Today we are recapping the sounds j, v, w and x.


Have a look at the PowerPoint and try the eye spy activity below.


Can you extend this game by looking for objects in your own home that start or end with these sounds?


Summer Term Week 3

4th May 2020























Summer Term Week 2

You have all been working so hard on revising your Phase 3 sounds. Keep up the good work. Remember the

digraphs and trigraphs are getting pretty tricky!!


Have a go at watching the Powerpoint and having a go at the games. 

Summer Term Week 1

Welcome back lovely Wrens. We are very sorry not to be teaching you at school but hope that you have fun learning at home. I bet you have had a lovely break and forgotten lots of your phonics!! 


See if you can remember all of the phase 2 and 3 Phonemes!!

Play beat the teacher!! let me know who wins!!

Phase 2 phonemes and pictures

Phase 3 Phonemes and Pictures

If you have a printer can you print them off, jumble them up and match the words and pictures.


If you don't have a printer... do not fear...see if you can write the phoneme and draw the picture. Even better if you can label your picture!

Phonics so far...