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Summer Term Celebrations

Week 5 

18th May 2020

Alfie has been working hard this week completing his Superworm and minibeast maths. Look at that amazing addition work.

Lots of amazing work completed on Purple Mash on Wednesday - Well done Wrens!


Look at this fantastic writing from Max.

Alfie and his sister Hope also sent a fabulous video of themselves playing 'stick' flutes - as part of the stick challenge for Alfie and an Afican music task for Hope. 

Sorry Hope and Alfie - Mrs P's technical skills have let us all down and I am yet to find a way to add it here. I will keep trying. 

Tuesday morning and the learning is flooding in! Max and Alfie have been busy on Purple Mash, look at their brilliant spring pictures!

Max has made Superworm Number lines and been using Purple mash to make his own maps and following directions.

Katie has been busy with her home learning too. Well done Katie!

Franco has been on a Wildlife hunt with his binnoculars and look what he found!! His new puppy is called Woody and she is a Springer Spaniel. I can't see one of those in my garden!!

Katie went on a Wildlife Hunt in her garden and look what she found...

First thing on Monday morning and I would like to say a massive well done to Riley!! He has completed all his Purple Mash activities and I have set him some more Maths Challenges!! Look at his beautiful pictures too!!

After Alfie had completed his Superworm maths learning, he then painted a Kandinsky style butterfly with his left over paint! What an artist!

Max has been very busy with his learning already today.

For phonics Grayson has been sorting real and nonsense words.

Look at Alfie's amazing learning and its only Monday! Amazing!!



























VE Day letters. One of the letters was written to the care home was also emailed to my uncle who served after the War had ended. he was very pleased to get the letter and wrote the following...

On VE Day he was only 8 years old and this is what he remembers...

Week 3 

4th May 2020

This week we are writing letters to a care home for VE Day, working on patterns and shapes and story writing, to name but a few!! The weeks learning is underway already...

Max has been looking for patterns, designing his own and has begun his own version of Handa's Surprise! Well done Max!

Look at Alfie's letter to the Veterans at Galanos House Care Home. Fantastic !! They will love to receive this in the post.

Look at Jade and Alfie's Kandinsky pattern that they created on 2 Paint!! Wow!!
























Week 2

We have had lots of work flooding in today! Take a look in our subject folders to see what we have been up to !! Here is some of the Purple Mash learning.

Lots of our Learning is in the subject folders under the days of the week. Look at Alfie's amazing "Night Pirates" telescope and Handa's Surprise giraffe!

Archie has been busy with this weeks tasks too. Well done Archie!

Katie has drawn a front cover for Handa's Surprise on 2 Paint! Such skill!! Well done!

Max has been working on the floating and sinking activity. He was surprised that the shell didn't float! He thought it would be useful in the sea!

Here is some more of Alfie's amazing learning.

Jade has been working on a picture to go in her Time Capsule.

Look at Riley's Handa's Surprise learning. Well done Riley.

Grayson has been busy with all sorts of learning this week. What an absolute star!

Grayson has also been busy with Phonics and writing sentences.






















Week 1

Week Beginning: 20th April 2020

We have already had all sorts of fantastic learning flooding into Wrens Purple Mash Emails. Keep up the good work Wrens!

Max was a maths superhero today and was busy helping Supertato and the veggies have a race!


He predicted which veggies might win and then tested his prediction. He used the correct mathematical language to describe the shapes of the vegetables.  Amazing !


He also made a fantastic zebra collage and wrote a lovely descirptive sentence to describe it's appearance. 

Look at the fabulous work Alfie has completed, outside in the glorious sunshine! He cleverly used an orange skin to make the orange in his picture - and some brilliant descriptive writing too!

Franco and family have been doing all sorts of wonderful learning and we wanted to show you some of their Easter Activities they have made with Mum. They have even been delivering chocolate and good cheer to a safe distance! Well done Bolands.

Alfie and his Easter egg zip wire!!

Still image for this video

Our Book for a few weeks is Handa's Surprise...

Thought I would sneak this in!! Today is the Queens 94th Birthday!! Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!

This is just an outstanding Ostrich by Alfie for our Handa's Surprise book! Look in our English folders to find out more!!

Look at Archie's Handa's Surprise monkey and banana! Look in Mondays English to find out more! Well done Archie!

We are making lucky charms, called Nazars for our time capsule. This is Archie's ... to find out more look in Monday/Theme folder!



























Spring Term

smileyWeek 2 Celebrations!yes

The learning has already started to come in for this week! Get emailing your fantastic learning !

Alfie and his sister Hope have been busy with their learning over the last few weeks. Look at the fantastic outside learning opportunities they have had, looking at nature and science, alongside  lots of play. Just brilliant! Well done Alfie and family.
Max has been working so hard on his maths this week. Look at his fantastic 3D shape collection and his super ladybird number line!

Look at Grayson on his shape hunt this week! Well done Grayson!

Look at Archie the 'Chicken Master" taking care of Summer,Coco and Raven. Thank you Archie!

Archie has been ordering and counting to 15. Excellent work Archie!

Grayson has been emailing using Purple Mash 2Email and has sent me these photos. Another very busy Wren!! Go Wrens!!

 🎉Week 1🎉

Well done Wrens for a fantastic first week of home learning. It has been lovely seeing some of the things you have been doing at home. Here are some of the pictures we have seen on Purple Mash. Please keep mailing in anything you are particularly proud of so we can share it with others.