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We will remember them

As part of the Centenary of the end of The Great War we have created a poppy installation which will act as a lasting reminder of those from our area who contributed to this war, and many who sadly lost their lives to it. 


Please read this brilliant and emotive poem by Amber Y6


The Hell that Never Ends


The soldiers marched on, trudging like burdened men,

Bombs crashed and then,

Many, many lives were lost-

Suffering came to an end

Many, many wounds were infected-

Refusing to mend.

Mental scars will last a lifetime

Not dead, not alive, just trudging through slime

Unmoving men lay on the ground,

While others cowered down

In the trenches

Are they dead?

Lying in their bloody bed


Propaganda promised a week

Not something so inhumane, grotesque and bleak

A soldier muttered to his friend,

‘‘The starters of this war must desire

Blood, ammunition, and fire

The deaths of millions of innocent people

While we live only off the hope that this hell will end.’’