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Good morning Robins!


We are continuing our learning about money and today you are going to start to add amounts of money together.

Now this may seem a bit crazy! but its just numbers!!

When we add money we using our adding skills!

Remember if it's add or subtract we use our number line method!!


 for example

45p + 12p 

Step 1 draw a number line

Step 2 - biggest amount at the start

Step 3 - partition your other number into 10s and 1s 

step 4 jump 10s

Step 5 jump ones




Here are your questions


45p + 13p

55p + 14p

20p + 20p + 12p 

47p + 15 p

30p + 10p + 10p

36p + 41p

22p + 22p




12p + ? = 32p

45p + ? = 62p

75p + ? = 99p