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You are whizz masters of maths!

I'm so proud of all of you!


Now we are coming to our last steps in money.

When we go into a shop we have money and we are given 'change' for money we have left over.


When giving change we are using our subtraction skills.


Here is an example: 

I buy a ball for 10p.

I give the shopkeeper 20p

How much change will I get?


I need to use my skills in subtraction 20 - 10 = 10p  remember you can use your number line to help you.


Have a go finding change. 


Tom buys a football sticker for 30p and gives the shopkeeper - 50p


Sam buys a bag of sweets for 25p and gives the shopkeeper 30p


Tilly buys a doll for 62p and gives the shop keeper 80p


Ben buys a bag of crisps for 45p and gives the shop keeper 60p



Mrs Bradford :)