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Summer Term

Week 11

7th July 2020

Hope you enjoyed your dinosaur tasks yesterday. Here is todays maths...

Week 10

30th June 2020

Week 9

23rd June 2020


Happy Tuesday Wrens!

Today we are still basing our maths on the story "Zog" but we are going to use 10 frames for addition. Zog earns stars for catching the Princess, you are going to add stars to the star chart and say how many altogether. Good luck!

Tuesday Zog Maths!














Week 8

16th June 2020

Happy Tuesday Wrens!


Today you are going to be continuing with the story Princess Mirror Belle but you are going to be solving spotty addition problems using 10 frames. Good luck and happy adding!










Week 7

9th June 2020


The Princess and the Wizard day 2

Summer Term Week 6

2nd June 2020

For today's maths we are carrying on with the story The Snail and The Whale.


We hope you are enjoying it. I look forward to seeing some of your spirals.

Today you are going to make some more spirals with some patterns using cotton buds. 


The you need to make up some of your own addition stories using pages from the stories. You will be using the words, first, then and now.


Good luck!

Summer Term 

Week 5 19th May 2020

Todays maths is continuing with Superworm and as you all know Superworm is superlong! Today you are going to make worm number lines but starting from different number each time and sometimes counting backwards. Good luck Wrens and enjoy!! 

Tuesday maths lesson

Can you go into your garden and make some numbers with natural objects then send us a picture!!

Some super Superworm maths work by Grayson.

Summer Term

Week Four (12.05.20)


Hello Wrens.


Today in maths we are going to help the spider work out how many flies she has got in her web and how many she has left when she eats some!


Are you ready to help count and do some subtraction.


Look at the PowerPoint and try the activities.


Challenge – Can you complete one of the attached subtraction worksheets?

Week 3 Summer term

5th May 2020

In maths today you are going to be doing all sorts of problem solving using long and short caterpillars. You are going to be adding 1 more, and using simple addition, You will be working out 1 less and seeing if you can double numbers. Good luck Wrens and enjoy!

Max's Maths!!

























Week 2


This week our book for Maths is  "The Night Pirates" and "Troll". We hope you enjoyed yesterdays learning and activities. 

I think you might get a little bit wet today!! Find out why!! I look forward to seeing your pictures!!
























Activities for Week 2


Week 1:

21st April 2020

Continuing on from Yesterday, we are still enjoying maths adventures with Supertato!! Don't let him catch you out!! First watch the video by clicking on the link and then see if you can answer his questions.
If you need a little help look at Max's ideas from yesterday!

The evil pea day 2!!!

Jade busy working on her Supertato maths task!! Well done Jade .