Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week Six (05.06.20)

Today is the last day of our ‘Snail and the Whale’ book.


Our challenge today is to help the snail to find out if his friends are higher or lower than him. I think you are all going to be fantastic at this activity.


You also need to use positional language to make a fantastic snail map. Look at the link below.


Have fun.


Week Five (22.05.20)

Today you have got to make Superworm some friends. Watch the PowerPoint and make yourself a worm family- they could be made from pasta, string, playdough or cut out of paper.


Today you are measuring and sequencing, so remember to use the maths terms, ‘longest’ and ‘shortest’. Do you have any worms that are the same length?


have added an additional length sheet if you want to have a go at a caterpillar sequencing activity.

Week Four (15.5.20)


Here is Fridays busy spider lesson. Enjoy...

Here is the activity for you to enjoy.

Week 2 (1.5.20)

Hello everyone. I hope you have had lots of fun this week with all the pirate themed maths activities.


Today you need to show your grown ups your amazing counting skills and help the pirates find out if they have trash or treasure.


Remember when you are counting to use your pointing finger to point carefully to each object and say the number. Take your time.


There are also some good songs to sing today. I think you might know them!


Have fun.

Week One (24.04.20)

Have a practice counting all the way to 20……and then backwards to 0 ? Can you do it in a squeaky voice?!


Then challenge yourself and count higher? How far can you count?


Sing the days of the week song with the lady on the PowerPoint. Get your grown ups to join in too! 


Today Supertato needs some help.


First he needs you to help him grow some more potatoes or carrots!

I am going to do this too – I planted some potatoes in my garden at the weekend, so I am going to count the days, along with you, and see how many I have grown!


He also needs you to invent some new friends for him! What powers would your super veggie have? What would be it’s name?


I can’t wait to see what you come up with.