Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week Eleven (09.07.20)

Day four of the dinosaur books. I wonder what they will be up to today!


They need your help to share the children into rockets for a journey to space!  Remember it doesn’t have to be a fair share!



Week Ten (02.07.20)

Today we have to help Oliver count the crops that have been grown in the garden. Has he counted correctly? Can you check his counting for him?

Week Nine (25.06.20)

Today you need to help think of rules for dragon school!


You also need to plan a dragon dance with 20 moves in it. Have a look at the video below.


Have fun.

Week Eight (18.06.20)

Today we are going to make some number tracks. This is going to help us order our numerals and let us measure our body parts!


You are going to need a toilet roll for today’s lesson!


Look at the link below for further instructions.

Week Seven (11.06.20)

Today in Maths we are going to be making some potions and doing some sharing.


Remember sharing can be tricky – so use objects and share them onto two plates or bowls.


Look at the PowerPoint below.


Have fun with the activities.


Week Six (04.06.20)

Today in maths we are helping the snail to find odd and even numbers.


Even numbers will share into 2 equal groups. Remember that equal means the same.  


Odd numbers won’t share equally.


Have a look at the PowerPoint and try the activities.


Grown ups – if this is tricky use counters or blocks and ask your child to share them into 2 bowls – then count each to see if they are the same. Reinforce that ‘equal’ means ‘the same’.

Week Five (21.05.20)

Today in maths we are making some yucky minibeast food! (Don’t worry it is just a pretend game and we are not really eating bugs!)


When you have made your yucky food, you can price your food, write a shopping list and then add up the total!


Follow the PowerPoint to complete the activities. If you don’t have any spare tins at home to use, cups, pots or tubs would be a great alternative.


I have added a minibeast addition sheet if you want an extension activity.

Week 4: 14th May 2020


The Very Busy Spider continues...



Can you find double and not double numbers using your spiders and your webs? 


You will then also have to see if you can halve numbers by sharing equally.

Week Three (07.05.20)


Today the caterpillar wants to take you on a picnic!


He wants you to practice halving. This is sharing between two people or into two groups.


If I had 4 grapes and I wanted to share them with you – how many grapes would we each have? Use props to help you work it out.


He also wants you to show how you can share your food with more than 2 people.


If I had 3 grapes and I wanted to share them with Mrs Byrne and Mrs Griffin – how many would we each have?


Look at the PowerPoint below for more activities.

Week Two (30.04.20)

Hello little pirates. Today in maths we are going to be building a pirate ship to carry pirate treasure!


Use the PowerPoint below to help you.


You also need to make a pirate flag for you ship – can you make the design symmetrical?

Week One (23.04.20)

What is Supertato up to today?


He is printing patterns with veggies!


Check the link below to help Supertato.


What shapes can you make? Do you have any other shape stamps you could use?


If you don’t have paint, you could draw, or cut and stick shapes to make your patterns. Remember to use the correct names for the shapes.