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Summer Term

Week Eleven (08.07.20)

Hello everyone.


I hope you are enjoying the books this week? They are a little silly!


Today in maths you must do some amazing counting! Count the planets and tell you grown up what ‘one more’ of that quantity is. If you are feeling super clever you could tell them what ‘one less’ is too.

Week Ten (01.07.20)

Help Oliver and Grandad work out how many more vegetables there are in the veggie patch.

Look at the link below.

Week Nine (24.06.20)

Today Zog and his friends are learning to fly at dragon school!


We are going to see how many dragons are left when some have flown away.


Use the ten frame and draw or use objects (toys, cubes etc) to represent the dragons. Take away the ones that have flown away – and count how many are left.


(There is a challenge activity for you too! Please only print out/ write out one or two pages of the challenge - not the whole seven or it might take a while!)

Week Eight (17.06.20)

Today in maths you have to make a potion to cure dragon pox! Can you add items in groups of 2 to the list to make a potion? Remember you must have 20 items in your potion at the end for it to work.


Use your counting skills to help you group your items.  


I wonder… what will you include in your potion?

Week Seven (10.06.20)


Today we are helping the wizard with some counting by doing some exciting outside counting games. These sound like lots of fun.


Practise your counting out loud with your grown up before you start. Count forwards and backwards.


I have added a counting worksheet if you want to have an extra challenge today.

Week Six (03.06.20)

Look at the book ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson – look on YouTube or online if you don’t have the book.


Today you must do lots of counting to find out how many dangers and problems the snail faces on his adventure.


Can you think of a new adventure for the snail to go on next?


Look at the PowerPoint and have a go at the activities.





Week Five (20.05.20)

Today Superworm wants some help doing some exercises. Can you help him count?


It might be good to make use the lovely weather and do this activity outside!

Week Four (13.05.20)

Today in Maths we are playing some fun spider dice games and singing some songs!


Look at the PowerPoint below and have a go at the activities.


If you fancy a challenge, I have added a number bond addition activity too.

Week Three (06.05.20)

This week in maths we are using the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.


You are going to need your fruit bowl for the activities today.


How many types of fruit do you have? Which ones do you have most of? Can you make patterns with the fruit. Look at the powerpoint below, and have a go at the tasks.

Week Two (29.04.20)

Pirates ahoy! Wrens -have you got your pirate outfit on?


Today in maths we are looking at positional language and making pirate maps! It is very exciting.


I can’t wait to see what you come up with.



Week One (22.04.20)

Today we carry on with our adventures with Supertato and his friends.


The veggies are having a race! Can you use your science skills to predict which vegetables might win?  What shape might be best for winning a veggie race?


Send us photos of your veggies racing.