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Your maths activity today is a collecting game. First, I want you to make some number cards 0--20. Cut up some paper or card into squares and write a numeral on each. It is also a good idea to draw the corresponding number of dots on each card. For example if the numeral is '5' write that and then draw five dots next to it. Do this for all numbers including zero.


The game. Pick a numeral card at random. Collect items to that number. You can collect anything for this game - try leaves, sticks, stones, Lego, toy cars, buttons, shells, blocks - anything! For example, the numeral card is '5' collect 5 leaves. Then tell your grown up what one more and one less is!


Note for Parents/ Carers.  The children in Wrens are great at writing and reading numbers. On occasion some children might reverse numerals, so please try to help them to get their numbers to face the correct direction. I have also included on this page a set of cards to print out, if you would rather use pre made ones.

Please keep/ stick your cards into your book. A photo or a note in the exercise book would be fabulous to let us know how you got on.


I have included a numbers bonds to 10 worksheet for additional challenge.


Mrs P