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17th July 2020 
10th July 2020 
3rd July 2020 

Hi Woodpeckers


Friday is 99 club day!  I have put a link to all of the different clubs you are on below.  Give yourself 10 minutes to get as many done as you can.  Remember if you struggle with any times table write the whole table quickly on the back of your sheet and use it to check the facts.  When your 10 minutes is up get a grown up- or a calculator- to check your answers and then do any fix its. 


Then spend some time practicing your tables, just like we do in class. I have put links to all of the games we play to practice.  You can also use purple mash too!  Email me to let me know if you go up a club!  Good luck :)


p.s. The sheets on here might be a little different to the ones we have at school- let's just give them a go!