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Summer Term

Week 11

6th July 2020

Happy Monday Wrens. Hope you have had a good weekend and enjoyed last week. 

Here is todays maths...


Week 10

29th June 2020

This week in Maths we will be using the book "Olivers Vegetables" as part of our home learning but in class we will be using different resources. 


Week 9

22nd June


This week we are basing our learning around the book "Zog" by Julia Donaldson.

We are going to be looking at how we support people who help us by using our pattern skills. We are going to be supporting the NHS by making rainbow patterns.


Week 8

15th June 2020

Morning lovely Wrens! We hope you have had a wonderful weekend and thoroughly enjoyed your maths activities last week. 

This week in school and at home you are going to be reading the story " Princess Mirror Belle and The Dragon Pox". This is another Julia Donaldson story which you can find on you tube to watch. 


Today you are going to design your own castle out of anything you like, maybe you could use some junk modelling materials and think about any 2d and 3d shapes you use. Can you remember their names?


An extra challenge is to spot the mistakes in the spot patterns that Mirror Belle has made!!


Happy spotting!!


















Week 7

8th June 2020

Good morning Wrens. We hope you have had a good weekend and that you are all well and happy. This week some Wrens are back in school so Mrs Pinnington and I are in the classroom teaching in the day, so not on hand to respond to your emails. We will be looking in on what you are up to but Friday will be the main day of contact. In class we will also be doing the same activities.This weeks book for Maths is The Princess and The Wizard by Julia Donaldson. You are going to be learning about pattern and ordering the days of the week.

Summer Term 

Week 6: 1st June 2020


Hello Wrens!

We hope that you have had a lovely, relaxing break from your home learning and are ready to start again today. We look forward to seeing some of your creations, so please remember to send us some photos.

Today in maths we are reading another Julia Donaldson book, The Snail and The Whale".

You need to design your own spirals and solve some subtraction problems.

Good luck!!


















Summer Term Week 5


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and played all sorts of lovely games. 


This week in maths we are reading "Superworm" by Julia Donaldson. Continuing our theme about minibeasts and pattern, you are going to be making repeating patterns and worm designs with string or wool. I will look forward to seeing them. Please send me photos!! 

Here is your activity...

Max has started his Superworm learning already...

So has Alfie...

                                           Summer Term

                                     Week Four (11.05.20)

This week in maths we are looking at spiders!


Today you must help the spider to build a web and see how many flies you can catch in it!


Look at the PowerPoint below and have a go at the activities.


Remember to send us a photo - we love to see the work you do.


Summer Term Week 3

4th May 2020

Morning Wrens.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy being outside depute the rain!

I am missing you all and looking forward to seeing you all back at school. In the meantime, I would like to say well done to all of you for your outstanding learning. You are working so hard and growing those brains! Well done.


This week in Maths you story is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", which we all know and love. Today we are focussing on shapes and patterns around us. You are going to be looking in as many books as you can to find different patterns. We are going to be looking at an artist called Kandinsky, he uses shapes and patterns in his art work.


Happy learning!smiley


























Summer Term Week 2

I hope you enjoyed your week of White Rose maths and that you all loved your Supertato tasks!! 

This weeks book is " Night Pirates". 


Hope you enjoy todays tasks and challenges!!

Grayson making binoculars!




















Summer Term Week 1

Hi Wrens, 

Welcome back to your home-school learning. This is the maths page and we are introducing something new for this half term. As a school we follow the White Rose Maths curriculum and they have been busy making you a summer scheme of work to follow at home.  Follow the link below to this weeks maths.  Watch the video together and then have a go at the activities.  There is one lesson a day for you to try. 

If you find you don't have the correct resources then feel free to change the materials and be imaginative with the tasks. 





Activities for Supertato

Here are some of the Supertato Activities in action...

Max's "Escapea" !!


We found pea juice all over the kitchen, naughty pea!  The Lego men surrounded the pea so that Max could design a cage.  The Pea did escape and the Lego men gave chase.  In the meantime, Max scooped the pea up and secured him in jail!  The helicopter is keeping watch...until our next adventure...


Amazing Max!!

Alfie had a cunning plan for his Pea trap!