Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week Eleven (08.07.20)


We are continuing our literacy work with Oak Academy – looking at the book Supertato.


(If you have been in school at the beginning of this week. We suggest you start with the session on Monday’s page, and progress from there for the rest of the week.)


Today we are creating a story map, to help us retell the story.

Week Ten (01.07.20)

We are continuing our literacy work with Oak Academy – on the theme of kindness. (If you have been in school at the beginning of this week. We suggest you start with the session on Monday’s page, and progress from there for the rest of the week.)

Week Nine (24.06.20)

Today Zog is learning to fly.


Talk Task.


Would you like to be able to fly? Where would you fly too? What would you see? Who would go with you?


Today we are going to write about what we might do if we could fly! I want you to write a sentence that starts ‘If I could fly, I would……..’


I want you to extend this sentence with either ‘and’, ‘so’ or ‘because’.


For example, my sentence might be:


‘If I could fly, I would go to space because I want to look for aliens!’


‘If I could fly, I would fly to the beach so I could play in the sand and sea.’


(Grown ups – you can talk about the comma in the sentence as a sign to show us where to pause and take a breath!)

Week Eight (17.06.20)

Today in literacy we are going to draw a map to show the engineering process.  This helps us to find the problem and work out how to fix it!


Look at the video for an example.


Remember to have a go at the phonics in this video, as it is good to practise the sounds we already know.

Week Seven (10.06.20)

Yesterday you heard the story of ‘The Hundred Decker Bus’ by Mike Smith. Today we are going to map out the story to help us to remember it.


Talk to your grown up about the story. What might you need to draw?


Have a go at the phonics at the beginning of this video too.

Week Six (03.06.20)

Today you are going to recap the story and draw your own story map. Wrens are fantastic at making story maps – we have had lots of practice at doing this.  


Remember you draw the important points in the story to help you to recall what comes next and how the story ends.


Follow the link below to the lesson.

Week Five (20.05.20)

Look at the book ‘Meerkat Mail’, or listen to the story on YouTube.


On Wednesday Sunny visits his cousin Edward who lives on a farm.


Talk Task

Do you live on or near a farm? Have you visited a farm? What animals live on a farm? Can you list them?


Did you know farmers also grow crops? Crops are plants which are used for food for either animals or humans. What crops are grown around our school? How many can you think of?


Can you draw a picture of a farm? You could put yourself in the picture if you want. Draw your favourite farm animals too.

(I would draw sheep and chickens because they are my favourite farm animals!)


Write a list of all the farm animals you can think of and all the crops the farmer might grow.


Have fun.

Week Four (13.05.20)

In our story ‘Meerkat Mail’ we get to meet Sunny’s family.


Look at the pictures below. What activities do his family do together?


Can you draw a picture of Sunny and his family? Or a picture of you and your family?


Write a sentence describing your favourite activity with your family.


E.g. ‘I like to go for a walk with my family.’ Or 'I love to play football in the garden'

Week Three (06.05.20)

Today I want you to continue with creating your own book based on the book Handa’s Surprise.


First, I want you to talk to your grown up about your main character. How would you describe your character? What do they look like? What about their personality? Are they kind and friendly or mean?


It is important to talk about our ideas before we try to write them down. It helps get our ideas organised!


I cant wait to share your story books when we get back to school.


If you want to learn how to fold a piece of paper into a book – have a look at the link below.

Week Two (29.04.20)

Handa walks under a tree. A bird takes her passion fruit!


Have you ever eaten passion fruit? Look at the picture below and try to describe what the inside of the passion fruit looks like to your grown up. How do you think it would taste? Would you like to try it? Why?

Have a look at the bird in the book illustration below. What sort of bird is it?

It is a parrot. Did you get it right?


Can you create a parrot? You could try drawing it with wax crayons and then putting watery paint over it or you could collage or use pencil crayons to colour it in. You are all very creative and I think we will have some especially amazing work today.


Can you write a sentence to describe either the passion fruit or the parrot?


Remember to try to write independently.

Week One ( 22.04.20)

Listen to the story Handa’s Surprise.


Which cheeky animal steals the orange? Can you describe it? What colour is it? Where is it hiding?



Can you make a picture of the animal?


I made one, which I drew, and then I added collage - cut up pieces of paper, to add the colours.

How will you make yours?  You could use pencil crayons, or paint, collage or chalks – anything, its up to you. I can’t wait to see your creations.


Write a sentence describing the zebra e.g. ‘The zebra is big and he has black and white stripes.’ Use your knowledge of phonemes to sound out the words.