Suckley School

Happy, Aspirational and Ready for Life


Week Two

Did you know that space food is dried so that it will not leak or spill and cause damage to the expensive machines in space stations or on rockets?


Today I would like you to invent a special space meal. What could you make into special dried space food? 


Could you draw your favourite meal (or a crazy recipe invention) that could be made into space food in your exercise book?


Can you label your drawing and then write a sentence describing it.


Remember finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Week One

Today you are going to hunt out 'tricky' words. Read a book - either one of your school banded books or a family favourite, with an adult. See if you can spot and count how many 'tricky' words are in your book. You can use your word cards to help you spot and match the words. How many did you count?


Practise all your tricky word cards. How many can you complete in 1 minute? 


Complete the attached work sheet - read the tricky words to know which areas to colour in with certain colours.