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10th July 2020


Write a diary entry from the view point of an Olympic athlete.  You could write about your training schedule and the lead up to an event you are competing in.  You could choose to write a diary entry after winning an Olympic gold medal.  Pick your athlete and make a start!  


These questions might help you to think of who to be.....


Think about what sports you like ? 

Think about someone who inspires you?

3rd July 2020... 


Friday!!! Well done everyone this week from those in school and those learning at home. 


Today your lesson is from BBC bitesize, it involves watching some short clips and then answering questions.  See the attached link. 


The lesson is based around authors and the third activity involves writing your own book review using the template.  You do not 'have' to print it off, you could just use the sub headings and record in your work books. 


Enjoy your weekends. 


Miss Rogers 

26th June 2020


Friday!! What a week with the weather.... 


Well done with your stories this week.  You are ready for the final paragraph/the resolution.  Keeping your story joined up is really important. The conclusion needs to link with your events from the middle part of your story. 


Which fronted adverbial could you use to start the paragraph? How does your story end? How do events come to a conclusion? Has the conflict or problem been resolved? Were your characters able to finally to achieve something or did they learn an important lesson as a result? 

19th June 2020


Fronted adverbials to end the week! Such a huge part of writing in key stage 2.  Choose the level you want to go in at.  Year 3 would be best starting at level one. (1 star) 


Happy weekend and well done this week....another week nailed ! 

12th June 2020


Design your own planet. You can draw or paint one.  Does it have plants, trees, animals or inhabitants? Then write a short description of your planet to go with it.  Use adjectives, similes and metaphors to bring your writing alive! 


Enjoy... we look forward to seeing your planet designs! 



5th June 2020


Friday!! Well done this week, it is always tough getting back into work after a half term.  Today the task is to read the non -chronological reports attached. (in these examples the animals are not related to rainforests) Year 3; only need to read the one on polar bears. (if you want more challenge then you could read both)  Year 4;  please read both. Highlight key features of non-chronological report writing. This task is basically asking you to highlight what you notice? Think about layout, features, language and punctuation. 


By reading these it will help you write your own next week based on you animals you researched Thursday.  If you need to make more notes on any of these animals you can continue with that today, as you will see from these reports that you need a range of different facts.