Suckley School

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16th July 2020


Some fun activities for you to choose from.  The spellings are taken from the year 3/4 statutory spelling list. 

9th July 2020


Today we have a comprehension from a sportswoman who competes in the Paralympics    Choose the level you want to go in at and then self mark at the end.  


I have also set a short writing task.  Pretend you have attended an Olympic event and seen one of the sportsmen or women we have been reading about compete.  Write a postcard to someone back home saying where you are (Rio Olympics, London etc) and say who won and what it was like watching this sportsman as a spectator. 



2nd July 2020


Today I would like you to write your lockdown memories down.  These will be used for a display in class. You can use the clouds attached or just draw your own.  Please write in full sentences and check spelling! 



25th June 


Good to see that your stories are underway.  Now, you need to write the middle part of your adventure story- the events ... the action.. what happens to your characters?  Here would be a good place to use fronted adverbials to sequence your story, this will give it some structure. 



Do not write the resolution to your story/ the end as this will be tomorrow. 



18th June 2020


Insects !!! This is the theme of today's literacy.  Whilst out exploring the rainforest you discover a new insect! What does it look like? How does it live it's life? What will you name it? Do you think it will have any medical benefit in the world?  Jot down your ideas and draw your insect! 



Many people  in the world eat insects for meals. Some say insects are the sustainable protein of the future! There are even restaurants now in the UK where the menu is just insects. ( See the  Would you eat insects for a meal? What kind of recipe would you put them in?  Write your own recipe ( see the bugfarm for ideas). Set it out with a title, ingredients and method. When writing the method use instructional writing remembering all those imperative verbs. 


Have fun and send us your recipes! 

11th June 


This 'documentary' film is about Pandora, the planet from the film Avatar.  MAKE SURE when you click the link you scroll up to the film clip with the title; Pandora.  Today you can choose one of these writing tasks. We have looked at all of these genres over the last few weeks, so choose one you think would inspire you! 


1. Write a non-chronological report about Pandora or one of the creatures who live there.


2. Write a set of instructions; 'How to care for.......'   How to care for one of the creatures from the clip. 


3. Write a diary entry for an astronaut landing on the planet, describing the journey, landing and meeting the inhabitants.  



4th June 2020


There are lots of amazing animals that live in rainforests.  Research three animals that interest you and write down some notes/facts.  You do not need to write in full sentences today as we will move onto report writing to present this information. 


Some really cool animals that live in rainforests are.....



Bengal tiger 


Golden poison dart frog 



Spider monkeys 


You can use any of these or find out about different ones!