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15th July 2020


Your work today is on purple mash. 

8th July 2020


Your task today is on purple mash under literacy.  It is a writing activity.  


Please also make sure you check and practice your spellings and read your book for a period of 15/20 minutes.  Sustaining reading for this amount of time KS2 is really important. 


Tomorrow the literacy will be back here on this class page. 

1st July 2020


Today I would like you to log onto purple mash. There is a literacy task that has been set for you. 


Some of you really enjoyed the comprehension based around Usain Bolt yesterday as part of our summer sports mini topic, so I have added another on Mo Farah.  Again, this is 3 levels of ability; one star being the lower level. 

23rd June 


So now your story should be planned.  Read your plan to someone else and if it is as a story map - tell your story using key vocabulary.  It is really important you know your story before writing... it makes writing a narrative so much easier.  


After you have done this you can write paragraph one.  Just focus on that today; character (s) and setting.  You will need to use rich description using adjectives, similes and metaphors to bring the character and setting alive! 


On Thursday we will write the middle part of the story.. the action! 


Happy writing! 

17th June 2020


Watch the film clip.  (click link and scroll to the film; Ride of passage) It is about a boy called Toki who lives in a tribe.  He is sent out on a quest to bring back an animal, but this does not go to plan! With the help of a colourful new friend, he achieves something much bigger. 


Today you can choose to ....


1. Write a diary entry for a day in the life of Toki.  ( do not pick this if you chose a diary entry last week) 


2. Write a letter to Toki asking him questions you would like to find out about living in the rainforest. 


3. Retell the story of the animation in your own words. 


Have fun! 

10th June 


There seems to be have been a technical issue with yesterday's comprehension..... there were  no questions.  We hope you enjoyed reading it though.  So, imagine how Neil Armstrong felt landing on the moon for the first time!  I wonder what he would have written describing that moment in his diary. 


Now imagine you are one of the astronauts in Falcon 9.  Write a diary entry describing how you feel sat in Falcon 9 waiting for the launch! Use lots of adjectives and similes to describe your emotions.  Also, think about what you can see and hear? Can you see your family watching ? The newspapers?  Create your own scenario for your diary entry. Do not go onto say how you feel in space as that will be another entry in your diary. 


Please remember to check your writing afterward for missing punctuation. 



3rd June 


We hope that you enjoyed writing the instructions for your shelters!  Today is a reading comprehension.  You can go in at the level you want. However, if you are finding the first couple of questions too easy, move to the next level to challenge your reading comprehension skills.


Enjoy Kipling ! 

20th May 


Today you can have a go at writing some expanded noun phrase sentences in your work book.   Use the word mat attached. Year 4 are challenged to use the preposition phrases. 


Your sentences can use the examples on the mat or you can write your own.