Suckley School

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14th July 2020


Write a letter to someone from Robins class telling them what it is like in woodpeckers.  Think about what you have learnt maybe in science, history or art.  Think about the fact the children may feel nervous but also excited about moving a key stage.  What could you say to reassure them? 







7th July 2020


We have read about Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Usain Bolt over the last week.  The information was presented through a Fact sheet with sub headings.  Now have a go at writing your own.  You can use any of the athletes above, just make sure you write the information in your own words or you can research and choose your own. You may want to choose a different runner or a completely different sport.  This will involve some research so that you have a bank of facts to use. 





30th June 2020


Today the activity is a reading comprehension.  I have uploaded a couple that you can choose from taking into  account some of your interests over the last few months.  Each attachment has three different levels. Year 4 need to be choosing the level with 3 stars. 

22nd June 2020


Today you will plan your story.  You can use the attached plan to write onto or, you can use the plan and draw a story map like we do in class to plan your story.  If you choose to plan by story map make sure you draw your story in the correct order and add words and phrases that will help you remember the events. 


Discuss your plans through with someone else - and know your story before you start to write. 

16th June 2020


Today's activity is based around spelling, punctuation and grammar.  Click on your year group from the attached documents and then choose the level you want to go in at. All the answers are attached to self mark afterward ! (no cheating!) You do not 'have' to print these out, you could just write out the sentences in your blue book. 

9th June 2020


To kick start our week on space and Falcon 9, there is a reading comprehension set.  This is based on the First Man on the moon.  There are 3 levels of reading ability. Year 4 need to be looking at the task with 3 stars. ( the last one on the attachment) 


Enjoy reading, its exciting information! 



2nd June 2020


It has been great seeing some of your creations today...  I am impressed! 


Now write a set of instructions on how to build the shelter you designed.  Remember all you know about instructional writing:- 


A title

Numbered sentences in order. 

Accurate punctuation. 

Imperative verbs. 

Extend some of your sentences using; but, or , yet, so, and or because. 


Look forward to reading them.