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13th July 2020


What an end of year! This is part of your history now and you will always remember this lock down time.  You have all been amazing over the last few months accessing all the online learning and doing what you can in such strange times.   We have had a great year as a class with lots of fun and laughter. Summer holiday's are round the corner now and we hope you can get out and have some brilliant adventures. 


Miss Rogers 


A fun task for this Monday morning! 



6th July 2020. 


Today the literacy will continue with our theme of summer sports as we prepare for some sporting activities in our bubbles in school.  Today is a reading comprehension, another British legend in sports.  It is the same format with the attachment, the task with 3 stars is the most challenging. 


Enjoy learning about Jessica Ennis- Hill and developing those deduction skills. 


29th June 2020

29th June 2020


We hope you had a good weekend.  We had a busy weekend walking around the local area and picnics! 


Today we will focus on grammar and punctuation.  Each year group needs to open the correct attachment and then choose the level you want to go in at.  You do not have to print them out, you can just write down the correct answers in your work books. 



Spellings 29th June 2020 

22nd June 2020! 


We hope that you had a good weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing you on zoom this week. 


Today there are 2 tasks which involve the WAGOLL. (What a good one looks like)


Activity 1- Read the WAGOll aloud to someone you live with..... can you add expression and use your voice to create an eerie atmosphere or build up to the event where Simon falls through the floor with suspense and drama. 


Activity 2- What features of fictional writing can you see? Think about adjectives, similes, fronted adverbials, punctuation and direct speech.  Note these down or highlight on the text. 


If you want to start think about your own adventure story then jot down some ideas.  Tomorrow, we will think about planning for your own story and story mapping. 

June 22nd Spellings 

15th June 2020


We hope you had a lovely weekend ! I was busy gardening and Mrs Boyle is painting all the walls in her house! 


Today is the final day of our mini space topic in literacy.  Remember last week you had to pretend you were an astronaut in Falcon 9, waiting for take off! Well today is the second diary entry for this... but this time you will describe the journey into space. Think about...


How you feel? What adjectives and similes could you use? 


Share a typical day on board the space craft; you could research space food, how astronauts exercise on board, what daily jobs have to be done? Be as creative as you want. 

You could use 1 or 2 fronted adverbials for time and place in this section.


Have you spoken to anyone back home via your computer and how did that make you feel? 


Have fun and we look forward to reading your writing. 



Spellings week beginning 15th June 2020 

8th June 


We hope you had a lovely weekend.  All the plants and vegetables certainly got a good drink of rain! 


Today the task is to write the report for your chosen animal.  Year 3, choose one of your animals you researched and write the report. Use the attached plan as a guide and, remember to use the reports you read last week to help you.  There were lots of examples in these of factual language and they also clearly show the layout that makes an effective report.


Year 4 choose an animal to write about and for extra challenge choose 2 and compare them within the report. 



We will then move onto literacy for a week or so based around the Falcon 9 rocket. 



Spelling week beginning 8th June 2020 

1st June 2020


We hope you had a lovely half term. We enjoyed lots of local walks, looking at plants and nature.  Today's literacy lesson is super fun. We would like you to think about rainforests and a shelter.  Design your own shelter thinking about where you would build it? (high or low) What will it be made from? How will you build it? The shelter needs to keep you dry, warm and safe from dangerous animals.   You can draw and label your shelter or you could even be adventurous and build one in your garden.  ( take a photo of it ) 


Then please watch the learning clip attached from BBC Bitesize.  Think about these questions; 

How well did Stefan do? 

Could he have added any more sections to improve his instructions or final cake?

What about a section on decorating? 

Listen to his choice of imperative verbs. 

Spellings week beginning 1st June