Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week Eleven (10.07.20)
Week Ten (03.07.20)

Today we write our letter to someone who has been kind to us. Have a think about who had been kind to you? Who is a kind friend? What do they do that is kind?

Week Nine (26.06.20)


Today you are going to write a description about your new dragon. Look back at the picture you drew and labelled  yesterday.


I want you to tell me all about your dragon. I want you to introduce him and tell me his name. Then describe your dragon using full sentences.


The title for you work today is - ‘My new dragon’


Start by telling me his name. ‘My dragon is called…….’


Then describe using full sentences. Don’t forget your finger spaces and full stops.


This is my example.

Week Eight (19.06.20)

Today in literacy we have to follow the instructions to build a home for a toy.


Use your knowledge of phonemes to help you read the instructions.


I can’t wait to see what you all create.


Have fun.

Week Seven (12.06.20)


Today we are going to write our own postcards.  


Talk task. Who are you going to write your postcard too? What do you want to tell them?


(You could write to a friend of even a toy if you want!)


Remember to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Week Six (05.06.20)

Today we are writing simple sentences about our aliens. Tell me his name and describe his features.


Remember when you are writing a sentence it makes it so much easier if you say your sentence out loud before you start to write. So, don’t forget to tell your grownups your sentences.


There is also some phonics practise in this video – have a little try of that too.  You are all phonics experts – so it might be easy, but it is still good practice and a great confidence booster!

Week Five (22.05.20)


By Friday Sunny has arrived at Uncle Rob and Auntie Bea’s house in Madagascar. It is dark and Sunny is afraid.


Poor Sunny.


Your challenge today is to make Sunny feel better – we don’t want him to be afraid. How could we look after him?


Can you draw or make him a nice cosy bed?


Could you make him a bed in a shoe box, or go outside and make him a cosy den of leaves? Could you use your toys, or things you find around your house to make Sunny feel safe?  Perhaps you could draw or paint a picture of somewhere warm and snuggly for him.


I want you to talk to your grown up to explain what you have made, and why you think it would make him feel better.


Write a short sentence to tell me what you have done.


Have fun.


Week Four (15.5.20)


If you look closely in the Meerkat picture you will see many insects and minibeasts. Your challenge should you wish to accept it is to go into your garden and hunt for as many different minibeasts as you can find. Can you make a list or just draw as many as you can to put around your meerkat picture?

Week Two (01.04.20)

When Handa gets to see her friend Akeyo, they both have a big surprise! What has happened?


There are lots of lovely tangerines in Handa’s basket.


Do you like tangerines?


Look at the picture below. What are the girls doing? How do you think they feel?


I want you to think about one of your lovely friends. Which friend are you thinking about? What food would you like to share with them? Share your thoughts with your grown up.


Can you draw yourself and your friend sharing a yummy treat?


Write a sentence telling me what you are sharing and who you are sharing it with. e.g. ‘I am sharing cake with Mrs Byrne’ or  ‘I like to eat chocolate with………..’

Week One (23.04.20)

Handa made a lovely fruit basket for her friend Akeyo.


I know Wrens love to eat fruit, because we eat lots every day in school at snack time!


Look at the fruits in Handa's basket. What fruits can you see? What are your favourite types of fruit? Is your favourite in the basket?


Today I want you to pretend you are going to make a delicious fruit basket for one of your friends. Who are you going to make it for? It might be a friend or a grown up at home. You choose.


I want you to make a shopping list.


List the fruit you would need to put in your basket. I have attached a list template below. Alternatively writing direct into the exercise book is also great.


Use your phonemes to write the fruit you would need to buy.


Draw your basket or cut and stick - I have attached a resource sheet. Draw or stick into exercise book.