Suckley School

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Summer Term

Week Eleven (09.07.20)

Continuing work on the book ‘Supertato’ today. Have a look at the video below. When you are completing your writing, challenge yourself to add adjectives to your sentences.


Remember tell your grownups your sentences out loud before you start to write. It helps us to get our ideas arranged in our heads before we start.

Week Ten (02.07.20)

We are continuing our literacy work with Oak Academy – on the theme of kindness. Today’s task is to plan a letter to someone who is kind to us.


Week Nine (25.06.20)

Today I want you to invent your own dragon character!


Draw out your dragon – then colour your picture in.


Next I want you to label your dragon. Today we are going to describe the picture. To do this we are going to use a special type of word called ‘adjectives. They are words used to describe an item, place or person.


Look at my example below.


I drew eyes on my dragon. They are big and red. So, I labelled my picture - ‘big, red eyes’.


Add at least 4 labels to you picture.

Week Eight (18.06.20)

Today we are going to write some instructions.


Remember instructions tell us how to do something. We are going to write instructions to build a house for a toy!


The video below provides very clear modelling of each step. Have a go.


Don’t forget to have a go at the phonics in the video.

Week Seven (11.06.20)

Today we are going to be reading a postcard - use your knowledge of sounds to help decode the words. Then we are designing an image for our very own postcard. We are going to write it tomorrow!


(The phonics at the beginning of this video might be a little easy – but have a go because it is great to keep practising these sounds.)


You can make your own postcard – or you can use the template below.

Week Six (04.06.20)

Today in literacy you must draw your own alien and then label it to describe its features.


Before you start - Have a think about what your amazing alien might look like. You can let your imagination go wild! Talk with your grown up and explain to them what your alien looks like. How many eyes does it have? Does it have spots or stripes?  What is the most unusual part of your alien?


Look at the video below for all the details of this activity.



Week Five (20.05.20)

On Thursday Sunny visits his cousins Mildred and Frank. They live in the. rainforest. It is very wet.

Sunny wishes he had packed an umbrella.



How do you think Sunny feels?


Imagine you are in the rainforest. Can you draw a rainy day picture? It might have an umbrella in it or wellington boots.


Write a sentence telling me what you like to do on a rainy day.

I like to hide inside and listen to the rain on the window. You might like jumping in puddles and getting wet!


Don’t forget finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


We have seen some AMAZING writing recently – your grownups are sending us emails showing us your fabulous work. We are so proud of the fantastic home learning you are all doing. Well done everyone.

Week Four (14.5.20)


Today Sunny the Meerkat has decided that he wants to live somewhere else. So he packs his suitcase and writes his family a note. Can you write a note, pretending that you are Sunny the Meerkat. What would you say to your family? 

This is Sunny's note...

Here is a template you could use to write your note or make your own.

Week Three (07.05.20)

Talk Task.


Have a look at the PowerPoint about Africa. Ask your grown up to help you read some of the facts.


Have a look at the pictures of the landscape and animals. What do you notice? Do we have the same animals in England? Describe the landscape you see. What differences can you spot between Africa and Suckley.


I know you are writing your own story based on Handa’s Surprise and I want you to carry on with this task.


I am really looking forward to reading your story, when we are all back in school.


Week Two (30.04.20)


Look again at our story Handa’s Surprise.


What has happened to all the fruit in Handa’s basket?


That’s right! All the fruit she had was taken by the animals she met on her journey.


Wait a minute! Do you see the goat? What happens next?


Look at the picture and talk with your grown up about what you can see happening.


Can you write a sentence explaining what happens next?


Remember your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.


Can you draw a picture to show me what happens?



I know that some of you have lots of goat knowledge. If you wanted to write a little fact file about goats, that would be amazing!

Week One (23.04.20)

Listen to our book 'Handa's Surprise'.


Handa keeps walking.


Another animal sees the fruit she is carrying. It’s an elephant!


Can you describe the elephant? What colour is it? Do you know the special name for the elephant’s nose? What fruit does he steal?


Can you make an elephant puppet? It could be a paper plate on a lolly stick or a hand puppet – you could use an old school sock for the body!


Here is a link for an elephant finger puppet.


If you can’t make a puppet because you don’t have the needed materials or time – you can draw, paint or collage one. Whatever works best for you.


Can you write a sentence to describe the elephant? E.g. ‘The elephant has huge grey ears.’


Can you extend your sentence with a conjunction? E.g. ‘The elephant has huge grey ears and a long trunk’.


Remember your finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.