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Hi Woodpeckers,


Welcome to our online classroom.  Everyday either Mrs B or Miss Rogers will upload a Maths and an English task for you to have a go at.   You can print them out if you want to and you have a printer or you can have a go at them in the exercise book you took home.  Like in our lessons, there may be different levels for you to choose from so make sure you are thinking hard about the right challenge to stretch your brain. 


Sometimes there might be little videos or PowerPoints with your task to help explain what you need to do so have a watch of these too.  On Mondays we will upload your new spellings, so have a go at these too and get someone to test you at home! 


Each week that we aren't at school we will upload a topic task and a science task. These can be recorded in your exercise books- be creative- you can write them up, take pictures, draw pictures, make things etc. The Body Coach is doing a live PE lesson every morning on his YouTube channel and cosmic kids yoga have some brilliant yoga adventures for you to try too.


Remember challenge is good- it means your brain is growing! But...if you get too stuck you can email one of us for help.  


You also have your activity packs for extra challenges if you have time and would like to really keep that brain growing and you can log on to purple mash and play any of the games on there. Don't forget to read, read, read!  Why not introduce DEAR times at home for all the family?


We look forward to welcoming you all back to Woodpecker's class soon!


Mrs B, Miss Rogers and Mrs Butler :)

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