Suckley School

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smileyCalling all Wrens!!!laugh


We need your help!!!


We would like  your help to design your classroom for your return to school!! Whenever it may be!


Please use your amazing imaginations to think of different Zones you might like in your classroom and how we could make them at home to bring into school!!


Our Topic this term is called

"See How They Grow".

We are learning about plants and animals, so this could help you with ideas. 


You will remember in the classroom we have different zones, maths, writing, reading, creation station, Small world, and of course Role play to name but a few. Maybe you and your grown ups could help to make things to bring into school to transfer our classroom for an exciting return.


Here are some ideas so far...

Our first idea is a "Reading Garden" instead of Reading Corner and we would love you to get making any of the things you can see in the pictures above. This could be for Inside or Outside!

Can you decorate a plant pot, make letters out of twigs, write your name with twigs or even find old cushions to decorate in green? All ideas welcomed!


We would also love you to email  any ideas you may have to add to this that we could then share with all the Wrens.



We also have a few ideas for a "Small World Zone "...

You might have something in your gardens that you think could be exciting in our Small World Zone. 


We look forward to hearing your ideas! smiley

Max has emailed with some ideas for the Role Play area in Wrens and would like it to be a Farmyard. This sounds like a lovely idea. It would mean we could also have a Wrens Farm Shop. If you can make any farm animals to decorate our Farm that would be amazing! Make them out of anything you like, boxes, logs, any junk materials but remember they have to fit in our role play area!!

Max also has some cable reels to bring in. Here are some ideas for decorating them ...