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General information and Guidance

Hello Wrens! 

Welcome to your Summer Term home learning package. You have had 2 weeks of Spring term home learning and are all getting used to home school. We miss seeing you at school and teaching you all and hope that you  all have fun and keep on learning and growing that brain!



As last term, there are activities to complete for all the subjects and much more to explore on Purple Mash. 

If you login to Purple Mash, go to Computing and then 2Email, you will see you have got a message. See if you can work out how to reply to the email. Some of you discovered this last term but others still have emails awaiting. You can also send pictures of your learning you are proud of so we can put it on our pages to show off your beautiful work.


 Purple Mash learning has been set giving you a week to complete but we will monitor closely to see how you are getting on and add things daily. You will see on Mini Mash that you all have your own trays. We will check these regularly so feel free to add any extras! You can pop messages in our trays too if you like! 


We will look forward to hearing from you.


Happy learning Wrens smiley


Mrs Byrne will be with you on a Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs Pinnington will be with you on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Here is a class timetable and a letter to help you work out a format for your day.
Here is a letter to explain the timetable.
Here are some extra ideas for keeping busy ...
Have you checked your emails yet? If you have you will know all about the tortoise!! Photos as promised!