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Happy Friday Robins!

Don't forget to do the Friday dance!


So Today is always a little different

Friday we always start with our yoga



Normally on a friday we do a practical session in maths. I would like you to draw make a little shop and price up some items. Have fun making a little list and then see if you can add up the amounts and tell me how much you will be spending.

Parents & Carers - you can send me some pictures if you like through my email and I can pop them up on here!



I have set a task on purple mash for you to write up your descriptions in a postcard setting for your horrible princess!

Once done if you save them I will go into your work file and have a look :)


Friday Afternoon

On Friday in class we do art!

In school we have been looking at the artist Kandinsky.

This week I would like you to create in your work books or on 2paint a portrait of yourself with the background using our concentric circles and shapes.

There is an example attached :) Happy Friday Robins!

I am so proud of every single one of you this week for really going for it! I can't until next week!



The Twits | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 📚🐒🐒🐒🐒

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