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Summer Term

Week 11

7th July 2020

Today you are going to be describing your favourite characters in the story.

Week 10

30th June 2020


Week 9

23rd June 2020


For your theme task yesterday you made a dragon. 

Paper Plate Dragon

Can you make a Wanted Poster for your dragon and describe what he looks like.

There are some forms for you to print off if you like.

Wanted Poster Template
















Week 8

16th June 2020


For your English today you are going to be Engineers. You are going to listen to a story called, "Maisie Mears has some big ideas". Then you are going to design your own cage for the mouse to help Maisie.


Good luck!

Week 7

9th June 2020

For your English lesson today you are going to listen to a story about a bus ride on a hundred decker bus!! You will start to think about where you would like to go on the bus. Happy travels...

Summer Term

Week 6

2nd June 2020

Today with the Oak Academy English lesson you are going to be continuing with your space story. You will be visiting Planet Spot and playing spaceball!! You are going to meet the Sage Spots and Sunny Stripes. Enjoy your adventure!

















Summer Term 

Week 5

19th May 2020

On Tuesday Sunny goes to visit his cousins Scratch and Mitch and the rest of their family...

He sends a postcard home. Can you design a postcard and write it to Sunny telling him about a trip you might have been on to visit family .

Summer Term

Week Four (12.05.20)

Listen to the story ‘Meerkat Mail’ again.


Talk task.


The story starts with the words..... ‘Sunny lives in the Kalahari Desert.’


What is a desert? Look at the picture below to see if you can find any clues to tell us what it is like.


Is it hot or cold? Are there many trees and plants? What other animals live in the desert with Sunny?


Imagine you are with Sunny. Can you draw yourself and Sunny in the desert? Colour or paint your picture.


Write a sentence or two, next to your picture, describing how it feels to be in the desert.


E.g. The sun is hot in the desert. I feel hot and tired. Phew!


Remember finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Week 3

5th May 2020

Have a look in Monday's English folder as you were set a task to write your own Version of Handa's Surprise. See if you can add some more to your story. Max is using phots in his story which is very exciting. Look at the photos so far...

We can't wait to read your story Max.

We are in luck !! Next page of Max's story!!





















Week 2

28th April 2020

Antelope and Avocado day!!

Can you paint a picture of the antelope stealing the avocado and write your sentence to go with it?








Week 1

21st April 2020

Handa's Surprise

I hope you managed to watch the story online yesterday or even better found the book at home. Maybe by now you have drawn or designed the first animal from the story and the fruit it steals. Now have a go at using something different to make the next animal and the fruit it steals...

Alfie found all sorts of things in the garden to make his Ostrich picture. Look how amazing it is!! Well done Alfie!